Friday 26 December 2014

478 - Christmas AT-AT Pancake For the Win!

Hullo All!

The wonderful Mrs Drax - who is a full-blooded Chicagoan - makes wonderful American-style fluffy pancakes for breakfast sometimes, and the best ones are always those we get on Christmas Day. 

This year - amongst other designs - I was delighted to get this stonkingly marvellous AT-AT design on one of them:

I love my wife!

- Drax.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

477 - Check Hedgehogs! [...sorry.]

A Merry 40K Christmas to One-and-All!

Thought I'd see the yuletime out with some 40K for once, as it's been an awfully loooooong time.

Months ago (in the summer, I'm pretty sure) Zzzzzz over at the brilliant Devos IV sent me a bunch of tanks to make - these fantastic 'Ratgard' Hedgehogs [please follow this link here to see the beautifully painted examples on their website]: an swish-looking Anti-Aircraft system atop a Chimera chassis in a proxy Hydra role.

Last week, after a gentle and suitably tactful reminder from the great Zzzzzz, I remembered that I actually needed to finish them. 

Here they are in all of their multi-pose awesomeness. NB: Please excuse the background: my modelling space (such as it is) has been overtaken by a 3' tree and a 4-footed grumpy-ass cat:
Lots of super-exciting things are afoot hobby-wise - trust me: there will be news for sure before this year is out...

All the very, very best to you and yours,

- Drax.

Friday 12 December 2014

476 - X-Wing Z-95 Headhunter Quick Repaint - W-i-P

For the first time in a long while, I painted this evening. Just a quick repaint of a Z-95, but a little something at least, in a very quiet month.

[NB: Please excuse the odd colours - blogger's being a pain.]

This Headhunter model arrived damaged (the bottom thrusters at the stern are compressed up, as is the entire rump, which gives its wings and its weapons a slightly downward pitch) but I took rather a shine to it, so I've decided to mark it out for use with unique pilots - particularly Lt Blount:

On account of its oddly retro downwards slope, I've christened it the 'Saab-95'. You can't really see the malformation here, and unsurprisingly Fantasy Flight Games sent a replacement from America within a week. Of course, I've yet to weather it - especially the nose cone.

I stole ideas for the design from the 'Scum and Villainy' card for N'dru Suhlak, via Rob's Jedi Miniatures [link here - he does it awfully, awfully well], and - having looked at it again for the purposes of this post - I've just realised I'll have to change it rather more tto make it look less like Suhlak's hotrod.


Ho-hum... least I've got some painting done!

- Drax.