Sunday 21 February 2010

190 New Basing Idea: Mortars W-i-P

Well, the title says it all (albeit briefly).


Frustrated with the problem of trying to make these blasted 60mm bases less sparse and boring (and not wanting to simply do what I did before, see here), I thought I'd try to alter the dynamic of the base by going down into it. This has created a curb with a road and the idea that the troops are on the outside of the building, rather than within its footprint. Saw the camera and thought I'd share:They're not everly sophisticated, and yes, I know there are mould lines (I'm starting to care less) but the un-primered one gives a nice idea of the constituent parts. I've textured the floors on the buildings' interiors too, but it doesn't show in these pics.Here, for reference, is my completed mortar squad: These were a real pain to paint, hence caring less about this new squad!Just thought some of you might find this interesting...

- Drax.

Thursday 18 February 2010

189 FW Baneblade Progress

Hey, All.

Thanks for all of your marvellous suggestions for my baneblade Zarathustra - I finally laid down the basic pattern last night. Yup, after a lot of experimenting with old tank hulks (I took pictures, but they were at night, so not really worth posting), I decided that I could make grey work okay:
I've kept it simple, and I was forced (through lack of funds) to do it all with drybrushing rather than airbrushing/spray cans, but she looks alright from a distance:
Atop the black basecoat, it's a very simple drybrush of Codex Grey followed by bands of Fortress Grey. I'd been pondering this, but this entry from Buyaki, here, tipped the balance.Thanks, mate:
Obviously, I've yet to do all the details, but as the lovely Mrs. Drax said when she floated past me this morning, "Oh, your big tank's looking good, Love!". Nothing to do with the fact that I was cooking her a bubble-and-squeak brunch at the time. Nothing.

Two things I wish to mention are as follows: Firstly, a chap calling himself 'Fiacha' over the Pond in Texas, who sent me some interesting ideas (Fiacha: if you get a blog up-and-running I'll pop a link in here), and secondly the two cheap and nasty brushes I bought yesterday to drybrush with. They were a quid for two, and perfect for basic broad drybrushing!

Now I just need to think about details and markings. Suggestions are always welcome!

Ave Imperator,

- Drax.

Monday 15 February 2010

188 3 Pl 3 Sect: Last of the Basic Infantry!

Hi folks,

I've not forgotten my baneblade from last post, but here at last is the final section of my basic infantry: 3 Platoon, 3 Section. The pics aren't much cop, but it's a grey day, and they turned out better than the ones with the flash.

First though, here's my painting chart as of yesterday:
Here they are - I did an extra grenade launcher, too:
Here are the hand-painted (albeit a little slap-dash, as I had one eye on the Baby) shoulder pads:
And here are the ID flashes on the backs of the bases - simply essential when you're fielding 120 identical riflemen:
Yes, one of them does have blue-grey trews - it's one of my homages to an earlier paint scheme (he was in a dreadfully painted ebay job-lot). Obviously their CQMS is as tight as all storemen are!

So there you have it - I've finally finished all of my basic rifle sections. Now I just have to finish off my mortars and a few more special weapons and I'm mostly done!


- Drax.
PS: big it up to Fallen 73rd and his Space Wolves. They're fun to spar with!

Wednesday 3 February 2010

187 Help Wanted: FW Baneblade

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for me to ask you for your help, advice, expertise and opinions.

How should I paint my baneblade, Zarathustra?
She's a Forgeworld model, and she's a beauty, but having owned her for about seven years I really ought to give her a lick of paint. My concern is that I don't know what colour.
My Leman Russ tanks are painted olive drab and black and my light vehicles are all DA Green, but I don't really want Zarathustra to be the same as she's a stand-alone unit. I'm very tempted with grey, but anything I paint grey always looks utterly, utterly flat. Cool Luftwaffe-style camouflage is always tempting, but I have limited skill and no airbrush.

As requested, here are some library pics of my Russes and light vehicles, for context:
So...any suggestions?
Please comment - if any patterns emerge I might set up a poll.
Many thanks in advance,
- Drax.