Monday 31 December 2012

346 Sly Marbo says,"Happy New Year!"

Thanks for another great year, Gentle Readers!

To celebrate, and because I'm miles away from the hardware or enough poxy bandwidth to get any new pics up, here's an old and irrelevant image from my blog chosen from the paltry selection blogger offered me: it's Marbo!
...and here's an almost-just-as-random link to my second ever post - from May '08 - in which I note my current OrBat. Not that much different, infantry-wise, to what I field today!  

Here's to 2013, eh?

- Chris.

Sunday 23 December 2012

345 Christmas Floods and (Swimming) Shermans

Hullo All, and Merry Christmas!

Necessity requires me to keep this brief: floods in the village have severely limited our intenet access and our phones are down: that's right - this year Clan Drax is spending Christmas in an isolated village 19th-Century style!

Seriously: I spent an hour yesterday morning clearing a rockfall from the road 10 yards down from my cottage. It's WET down here.

On the plus side, work having finished and houseguests being unable to reach us have contrived to enable me to finish one platoon of my Flames Shermans and will have finished the other by the end of tonight! Sadly, there's no chance in hell of uploading any photos at the moment.

So here instead is a picture of a 'duplex-drive' swimming Sherman...which seems apt:
I'm afraid I can't guarantee that I'll be able to either view your blogs or read them over the next few days, guys and gals, so in advance of the Season, please accept the very very best of my wishes, and thanks as ever for reading.

Merry Christmas, one-and-all!

Your humble servant,

- Drax.

Wednesday 19 December 2012

344 'Real Life' Fluff...and Why I Love Colonel Ackland

Here's why:

That's what you get from a top class blogger like Col. Ackland when - quite unbidden - he decides to send you a freebie classic mini...from Australia...just to help you out.


- Drax.

Saturday 15 December 2012

343 Flames: Britsh 4.2" Mortar Platoon

Hullo All,

I finally got these puppies finished. The shells were buggers to paint, but I enjoyed posing the same figues in different vignettes at least! I'm actually rather happy with these...:
More 40K stuff very soon...

- Drax.

Sunday 9 December 2012

342 Devos IV Detachment: Work-in-Progress and a question.


Well, Col Scipio over at Palladian Guard has posted his, and as the demands of my newly-expanded family actually eased enough for me to get a bit of painting done last night, please find herewith my CURRENTLY VERY WORK-IN-PROGRESS efforts for the Devos IV Liaison Team from B Coy, 2/24th Cadian light Infantry:
Obviously, so far I've just blocked-out the colours, and there are assorted bits as yet separate or temporarily blu-tacked on, but I trust you get the idea. Their officer is Brevet-Major Tiberius W. Hammett...and I'm delighted to note that Mrs Drax has also now officially named the new Regimental Corgi, too...but that'll be unveiled when he's finished.

Further details and modelling decisions will be expained once the unit's finished.

Oh, here's the question:
I plan to get some liquid greenstuff to finish up the corgi sculpt and fill his joins(!), but does anyone know if there's any easy way of scultping some suggestion of a fur texture into his surfaces, without needing either money or skill (neither of which I have much of)?

Thanks in hopeful advance,

- Drax.