Tuesday 26 April 2011

260 Blog Plug - Fantastic Conversions

Hi All,

It's a while since I plugged a blog, but please please check out Atoom's Brushes and Dolls for some awesome conversion work - expecially IG, but also WFB, including some great steam punk undead!

Here are a few of his inspired objective markers, found here and here. Yes, that's a Guardsman reading his Uplifting Primer!:
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And here's a lovely shot of his motor pool:

Please go and check out his stuff - I implore you!

- Drax.

Friday 22 April 2011

259 More Fuel for the Pyre

Hi, All.

Continuing my Easter holiday painting efforts, I ploughed through the last of my special weapons guardsmen for my redesigned light company. Just the second lot of autocannon to paint now then the company's finished. Again.

I thought I'd include a couple of close-ups, as I was very happy with how the faces turned out on these chaps (and yes, I know there are mold lines. I've hundreds of the buggers, and I'm not going for any painting prizes!):


- Drax.

Thursday 21 April 2011

258 Drax's Current Standing 1500pt Army List(s)

Evening, All.
NB: The pic has nothing specifically to do with this post, other than being a reflaection of the mixed nature of my list. I just like it. It's from this big ol' post.

I realised yesterday that it's a while since I'd shared any army lists. Well, below is my current standing 1500pt list (I)...and a variant I've been trying more recently (II):

I used to use the psyker as an HQ as he was cheap, but I'm starting to prefer the Company Commander with the snipers now: he fits in better. His orders are fun, and four BS4 36" pinning shots (with orders?) can really bring the hurt too. Plus, the psyker never really 'fitted in'. Also, the List II 'chimeltavets' really aren't my style, but I'm trialling them at the moment. There you go.

- Drax.

PS: If you've never seen my 200th post (the origin of the pic, above) then it's worth a butcher's.

Wednesday 20 April 2011

257 Coy Commander's Snipers (and Skin Tones)


I'm still on break from school, so I've been getting a bit more painting done, and as I've recently been trying out a bare-bones commander with four veteran snipers (70pts of order-wielding BS4 fire support!) I thought I ought to paint some more sniper models.

The models are okay but boring, so - out of sheer boody-mindedness if nothing else - I painted them each exactly the same apart from slightly different skin tones. Rather than the temperate DPM camo cloaks my normal snipers wear (as do my veterans) I thought I'd bash out some basic 'urban' colours instead. I guess maybe the OC told these guys what to pack for...!

The following stage-by-stage was taken with a flash at night, but in case you're interested, the order (on a Chaos Black basecoat) is a very simple Astronomican Grey --> Codex Grey --> Midnight Blue. As it happened, the light grey and blue effect this produced was significantly dulled once washed down with good ol' Devlan Mud, so it fits in a lot better with the other camo I already have.

And it was just as ruddy time consuming!

[Apologies to the Inner Geek for the delay on his orgryn, but I've suddenly got a deadline to work to...]

Cheers all,

- Drax.

Wednesday 13 April 2011

256 Third Mortar Squad Complete

For some superbly well painted mortars (including a 2nd Edition team) check out Rasmus's awesome work here. In the meantime, with very little effort and a rather slap-dash approach, I've finished 3 Platoon's mortar squad. Here they are - pics taken in weird light:

You may notice that one of them is missing a hand. I hate the Cadian arm/hand situation and I'm too old to care much, so for now he has a wooden stump, but I may yet fashion him a little hook.


- Drax.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

255 Painting Chart, April '11

Let me see now...where are we?

Oh yes. A bit of rejigging of platoon and HQ organisation has required me to (a) put together/find/paint some new bits and bobs, and (b) a re-worked painting chart to help me track the changes:

Annotated (on MS PowerPoint):

Hope you're all well,

- Drax.