Saturday 10 June 2017

600! Six Hundredth Blog Post! Huzzah!

Hullo, Fair Readers!

Well, I've been blogging about my hobby now for over nine years, and it's come a long way.

Nine years.

Since discovering Bolt Action (and finding some local-ish gaming clubs!) I'm gaming far more than ever now, but with the arrival of children and more facebook-based hobby-tracking, I'm blogging less often. So it goes.
A pic from our local walk, last weekend. Because I love my girls,
and we couldn't hobby without the support of our loved ones, right?!
Anyway, I shall keep this uncharacteristically simple, and focus on two key elements of my hobby these days: Bolt Action and the good 'ol Draxian Painting Chart - together at last!

Firstly, my Number One force, 4 King's Shropshire Light Infantry (with attachments) from the British 11th Armoured Division in Northern Europe, 1944:
Next, my complicated and disparate new German forces - a 'Blitzkrieg'/Op Sealion occupation platoon AND my late-war platoons:
And finally, my entirely loved (but not often used due to the variety of local foes) British North Africa Desert Rats Sikh platoon:
And there we have it.

What does the future hold for Drax?


...I've  a LOT of Germans to get on with, a fair bit to finish up for my Brits, and a burning desire to try out some different WW2 game rules with my various 28mm and 15mm troops.

Also, hopefully, a bit more narrative X-Wing over the summer.

And possibly even some D&D 3.5...

For now though, cheerio - and thank you, readers new and old, for joining me from time to time on this journey!

Yours aye,

- Chris.