Sunday 26 December 2010

242 Christmas Freestylin' Freehand

Hope you all enjoyed Christmas!

Just a little idea I've been working on, and I managed this bit of freehand yesterday - internet points if you can identify its intended location:
If you're wondering why I was painting on Christmas Day, it's because I was marking time whilst Mrs. Drax was feeding Baby.

If you're in Blighty today, enjoy Boxing Day!

- Drax

Saturday 25 December 2010

241 Merry Christmas!

To all my dear readers,

Have a lovely Christmas - if you celebrate it - and all the very best for 2011!

Thanks for coming back...

- Chris.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

240 Alternative Uses for Guardsmen #23


After three years, we've just reorganised the living room in the cottage, and - having got rid of the ancient sofa - we realised we've no longer got anything between the roaring oil stove and the toddler.


Cue two cases of Drax's toy soldiers:

If you're interested, the one on the right contains my entire infantry company plus a bunch of other stuff [it also has a busted lock from when I arrived at the games club without my key]; the other one contains most of my chimera-chassis vehicles.

There endeth the lesson.

- Drax.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

239 Service with a Smile

Hi All,

GOOD NEWS: I'm pleased with my latest painted miniature - a servitor (below);
BAD NEWS: the treasured mini I sent in a package to The Inner Geek has not yet arrived - Aaargh!

Here's that servitor though. He goes with my Techpriest (though I'm unlikely to use them unless it's Apoc or a special scenario).

I'm particularly pleased with the wires and pipes and the hazard markings. Those hazard markings with the bright red servo arm are a nod to my old 2nd edition days...
This is a real unsung gem of a model, I think.


- Drax.

Tuesday 7 December 2010


Yeah, I know it's lame, but...


Pics first then joyous ramblings.

This is the view over the start of the deserted tidal road when we went out for a Drax family walk:
And here is Baby Drax exploring the snow in the evening (only about 4:30, but it's getting dark early here at the moment):
NB: The snowsuit she's sporting first belonged to Mrs. Drax in 1979 and is - I think - made in part from asbestos.

Right then.

Seriously: I know this is nothing to most of you, but let me fill you in here...

I grew up on the South coast of England and I had a decent snowfall only once - ONCE - in my childhood. Nowadays, I live even further south - in beautiful South Devon. It really is gorgeous down here - Hell, I live in a designated 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty' and last week a colleague described his commute to work as "Just like driving through Narnia"...but we never ever expect to get a snow day down here.

Now? Not only did I get a day off in February, but I got one last week too. The reason? About an inch of snow. That's all. They're getting feet of the stuff up north, but down here a single inch is enough to send the rural community (and, more importantly, the network of school buses) grinding to a halt. Brilliant!

Having got the news by text from my assistant, I donned the ol' wellies, slid downhill from the cottage to the bus stop and gave the jolly news to all the pupils waiting there. For five minutes, I was a god. Then I gathered wife, child and dog and we all went for a lovely walk before heading back to the roaring fire and hot chocolate (with the last of the Thanksgiving marshmallows).

Interesting side-note: Mrs. Drax was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and consequently feels (in her words) "Like a superhero" in snowy Britain, because she alone can walk on snow and ice without going arse-over-tit. She's right.

Here's another great picture of my awesome little girl being awesome:
And here's a pic of the corgi loving the snow. He too is from Chicago, and despite his fourteen years, he still loves being able to romp through the white stuff:
On a final note, I'll be back to 'proper' 40K blogging this weekend, as the time has now arrived for a couple of projects...not least of which are my deal with the Inner Geek and finally basing that regimental mascot...

Cheers for your indulgence,

- Drax.