Thursday 31 July 2014

449 - "Brewing-Up" Objective...Finished!

Yup: I'm done - and honestly I'm pretty happy with it!

Here 'tis; notes to follow below: 

yay - details!

You'll note I've kept the Carrier free from unit markings - this is in the spirit of keeping it for general use.

Things I'm proud of include the following:
  • The painting of general details like the driver's moustache and the rims of the enamel mugs (I remembered to paint the stock and furniture of the Tommy gun too);
  • The painting of the Corporal's stripes and the Lieutenant's pips;
  • The painting of the vehicle loading weight - it looks far better in real life, honest!
  • The modelling and painting of the officer's map in the back (there's some dark green kit bundled up on the floor behind it too);
  • The modelling and painting of the track marks - they worked better than I hoped!
  • The modelling of the two brens...and the base on the whole, I suppose.
So there we go. A rather fun project...ticked off!

- Drax

Tuesday 29 July 2014

448 - Bofors 40mm S-P W-i-P


As a reward for all my work in my second job as an examiner this year: I bought myself a brace of Bofors, and (as the weather's actually dry enough to spray paint for once) I figured I'd quickly throw them together last night:

No. These little buggers are a fiddly pain. Still, I've done them now, and it just remains to paint them up - which, frankly, is unlikey to take too long as they're almost comically dull and simple: just the way I like it! Naturally, the barrels and sights are not attached yet, hence the droopy angles.

I've been wondering about whether or not to base them (with their gun commanders and No. 4 crewmen) but I figure they're a little more positionable without a large base, so I'll just wait until the peripheral bits start falling off them, I think, then it'll give them a litttle more longevity.

Other projects are not forgotten, and Hey! I'm off to see Zzzzzz this weekend! *smiles*

- Drax.

Thursday 24 July 2014

447 - God is in the Details (More W-i-P)

Yay! Uncharacteristically true to my word, I managed to get some more painting done the last couple of nights, and I had fun (for once) painting some details - namely the blue rim round the mugs of the soldier and the NCO enjoying their brews:
Now, I checked for the historical accuracy of this classic kind of enamel mug, and I found such a variety of 'issue' mugs that surely at least a few of the Toms would've had this design. In this case, the officer has a brown mug and the driver (who also has a moustache if you look carefully on image 2) has a dull metal one.

Tea mugs are important.

Interestingly, in taking this pic I noticed that I hadn't painted the stock of the NCO's submachine gun. This is out of habit: all my other SMG-toting NCOs have the brutally metallic Sten gun, but this fellow appears to have been blessed with a Tommy gun. I'll remedy this forthwith.

Oh, and in other news I got another couple of steps complete in the assembly line of my 3rd Platoon for Flames: it'd probably be a reasonable target to set for myself to have completed my whole 11AD force by the end of the summer hols, I should think.

To help in this goal, I've also just purchased a brace of the gloriously simple drab-painted 40mm Bofors S-P Anti-Aircraft vehicles.

I'm likely to have another stab at some 40k modelling/painting again next week...

- Drax.

Wednesday 23 July 2014

446 - Interesting Scenery (28mm)

Hullo, All.

After a week in Amterdam with work, it's back now to bombing to-and-from Portsmouth to help take care of my dad, but hopefully the hobby should be BACK ON for a few eveings at least this week.

In the meantime, I saw these really characterful barracks huts on a well-known online auction site (UK; six days left). They're exactly the kind of narrative scenery I love, and I thought (a) I wonder if anyone might be interested in these, because they're great, and (b) I wonder if anyone knows who manufactures them...
Pic used without permission sought...but there's no such thing as bad publicity, right?
If you ARE interested, they're currently standing at 99p + £4 p&p - seems like a bargain to me, but I'm cutting down on my 28mm stuff and besides, accumulating scenery seems a waste for me as I've not played a game of 40k in my house for five years now.

This should be the link: [here] - if not, the description is as follows: "6x Barracks Army/PoW Camp Hut - terrain scenery – Bolt Action 28mm WH 40k".

Keep well - more to follow, with luck.

- D.

PS: Are these Nissen Huts?

Tuesday 8 July 2014

445 - Back in the Saddle Again

Did some painting.

First time in a month.

= win.
[stupid late-night mobile phone pics...grrrr]
- D.