Saturday 19 July 2008

027 "She's Leaving Home; bye-bye..."


...and Goodbye - for tomorrow morning I leave Norwich (UK) for the South-West, so no progress blogs for probably two weeks. Damnit! Here's the area I'm heading for - it's really lovely down there: I had a lovely send-off from my colleagues, and the kids were simply smashing! I'm a very lucky man, y'know, to have so rewarding a job - very lucky indeed.

Now if only it left me more time for painting...

Ahh, well...Devon, here I come!

- Drax.

Sunday 13 July 2008

026 A/P Squad D

August '09 - NB: Since the new Codex: Imperial Guard, my fire support platoons have been disbanded, and their constituent units re-allocated. In this case, these heavy bolters are now part of 2 'Tactical' Platoon.

About bloody time!

Fifth Edition's out and I finally took the proper photos of these fine fellows. The newly published FAQ document for the Codex: Imperial Guard had some interesting bits in it too, so all-in-all not bad for my last weekend resident in Norwich.

So: here are the more detailed pics of D Coy's 1st (F/Sup) Platoon's heavy bolter section - (also known as "A/P Squad D" - they go with A/T Squad B and A/P Squad C ). The next on the 'to-do' list is the Pl HQ section - with some quite nice models. As for Squad A? - well, I guess I'll explain that one another time...

I quite like the lasgun sling:

Funny how the different light (compare post 025, below) makes the colours show up isn't it?

- Drax.

And yes, I know one of the transfers is a-comin' off. I'll look into it...

Sunday 6 July 2008

025 Victory is Mine!


Against almost insurmountable termporal odds, I've managed to finish my heavy bolter squad at last! This is just a taster to prove I'm still alive and painting: the normal, full entry will follow anon...

- Drax

Saturday 5 July 2008

024 Thanksgiving in July (off-topic)

NB: This entry isn't really GW-related; more of a nod to all my American readers.


I love having a wife who's (a) American and (b) a great pastry cook, for yesterday was the fabled 4th of July! Yes folks, that's right: not only does Kate make me cracking scenery and objective markers, she also makes a mean selection of American foodstuffs, rammed with sugary and cinnamonny goodness.

For those of you in the UK whose only engagement with 4th of July is occasional Will Smith movies, it's celebrated in a way largely similar to that in which we 'celebrate' Guy Fawkes' Night, in that there are no cards/presents/greetings/holiday etc, but a lot of fireworks and jollity. It's more anti-British than anti-Papacy, but at least you don't get kids begging in the streets.

Now I know that 4th of July doesn't usually carry with it the trappings of Thanksgiving food, but Kate was really keen to cook one last big meal in our little house before we leave for the badlands of South Devon, so it seemed an ideal opportunity to merge one with the other (us Brits scarely know the difference anyway) and an ideal excuse for PIE! Hoorah! are two of the pies (sadly no pics from the whole spread) and hopefully I might even be able to post up my next finished unit tonight, as I may have a couple of hours spare in which to finish it!
Cheers for indulging me, and for your patience,

- Drax

Wednesday 2 July 2008

023 I AM STILL HERE (barely)

This is - as The Inner Geek would have it - a 'lack of progress report'. I've been so busy at school I've been unable to find time to finsih off the next batch - which are done save the varnishing and basing. Annoyingly, the usual stumbling block of the fiddly transfers has been surmounted.

Ho-hum. The kids break up for the summer on the 18th of July, and we move across the country the following day. So at least there isn't any other massive life-changing event likely to happen soon to prevent me from modelling...!


Thanks for checking though - and for the comments of late!

- Drax