Friday 31 May 2013

360 24th Cadian Liaison Detachment (pic-heavy)

At last - I've finished!

After months of prevarication, distraction and occasionally putting paint on things, I've finally finished my liaison squad for Zzzzzz. Plus I get to actually see Zzzzzz tomorrow, so this really is double-plus good.
As far as I'm concerned, these models don't really work cohesively as a 'squad', but individually I pretty much think they're great, and I'm pretty proud of both the conversion work and even the painting for once! They're certainly a damn-sight better than my own command squad (who look pretty crass and poorly done), so I suspect this is something I'll need to rectify in future. Either way, I like them and they;re going to a great the pics are for my future reference as much as your enjoyment!
[NB: If you're wondering about the occasional box, well, here's the story. The corgi I sculpted predates the sad demise of our real corgi, and my wife said she liked my model and would I please retain it. Not wanting to leave my standard-bearer with so stark a gap, I gave him an optional ammo box...or whatever it might be. Keep an eye out for the little additional detail on it, in honour of Cadfael...]


Take care, and thanks for the encouraging comments recently,

- Drax.

Monday 27 May 2013

359 Flames of War 6pdrs - Proper Pictures

Hi All,

My next post will be another 40K update, as I'm getting back into my paining and I've finished another couple of the Liaison Squad, but for now - as promised - some better pics of my recently ompleted Flames of War 6pdrs Platoon:
Fun with camouflage! For those of you who've wondered before about the brightness of the grass on my bases, I reckon it pretty much matches the grass in my garden as a rule... and after all, I'm only about 130 miles away from the Normandy coast here!
 Keep well!

- Drax.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

358 ...I told you I'd be back to 40K!

And here's the proof of the pudding - my Liaison Detachment for Zzzzzz:
Usual stark photography, but y'know... kinds feels good!

- Drax.

Thursday 9 May 2013

357 Flames of War 6 Pounders


A first glance, for those of you who follow my Flames stuff, at my Late War British 6-Pounders:
Usual dodgy photography with flash and autocorrect. If the sun comes out over the weekend(!) I'll try to get some better pics, BUT REGARDLESS...

...I fully intend that my next project will be BACK TO 40K!


- D.