Tuesday 17 September 2019

689 - Painting Chart Updates (Part 2 - Ancients)

Hullo, All,

I shall keep this one brief as it's once again self-explanatory...

...except that I've not really covered my recent dive into 'Ancients' very much.

Suffice it to say that
  1. I was given a bunch of 'Hail Caesar' Vikings;
  2. I bought a bunch of 'Saga' Anglo-Danes cheaply;
  3. I was given a bunch of 'Mortal Gods' Thebans, and
  4. I was given a bunch of 'SPQR' Gallic-Celts.
The rest - if you'll pardon a weak pun - is history. 

Where it is I plan to go with all of this is for a future post; for now, here are the collections...:

- Drax. 

Tuesday 3 September 2019

688 - Painting Chart Updates (Part 1 - WWII)

Hullo All,

Well, I'm back at work (which sucks) but I'm also partway through a pretty productive summer!

I thought I'd mark this by updating where I am with all of my forces and projects, starting with the WWII 28mm stuff. Next post will be the Ancient and Dark Ages stuff, which has been...er...expanding rather rapidly of late!
So without further ado, this is where I am with my...

British 4KSLI (11th Armoured Division): 
(Here's the key, by the way)
The British Indian Army in the Desert:
British Paras:
German Early-War Heer:
German Late-War Heer Grenadiers: 
...and finally, the RAF Regiment and the (as yet unbuilt but nevertheless expanding) US Buffalo Soldiers:


- Drax.

Monday 26 August 2019

687 - Desert Rats Quad Tractor - 'Dinky' Repaint

Recently I picked up this puppy at Totnes Market. Haggled the fellow down to eight quid, and then repainted its battered outer so that it could act as a tow for my Desert Rats' 25pdr. 
I left the driver as he was, of course...

- Drax.

Tuesday 6 August 2019

686 - The Great Wargaming Survey 2019


If not, click on the pic above to take yourself there - there are some great special giveaways this year too!

- Drax.

Friday 26 July 2019

685 - D-Day Campaign Phase 3 (Breakout)

Phase 3 was a massive, massive tank battle. 
We used Bolt Action rules, with some tweaks, and had fifty - FIFTY - tanks (and a handful of other AFVs) on a table approximately 9'x5', with seven players and me games-mastering. To keep things manageable, the vehicles were organised into troops/zugs of 3-5 and these all acted on the same order die (although we interpreted this loosely as demand arose).
We also included randomised special skills from the Bolt Action 'Tank Wars' book, with vehicles being awarded one skill for each part of a hundred points over 199pts.
In the end, the Germans just squeaked a victory through a ridiculously cinematic Panther dash to contest the last, central objective. 

It was a rather unusual, very cool-looking and very, very fun game, and I am extremely grateful to all of my pals - old and new - at the club for bringing their toys, getting stuck-in, and making it happen. 

Fun times. 

And here are the pics to prove it:

Each troop/Zug had a colour-coded sticker for ID
Incredible Hover-Churchill!
Final Moments Panther dash!
- Drax.