Tuesday 17 September 2013

382 Back to Work 1 - Hobby Time 0

Hullo, faithful readers!
I'm delighted to say that I have a number of fun hobby projects bubbling away at the moment - both 40K and Flames of War - but sadly I'm also back at work (booo!) so my hobby time has shrunk back once more to that wee-est of wee small hours: the bit between midnight and one o'clock when it seems always to take a superhuman effort to get out the models and paints.

And that's only if I've got all my work done. Tonight I have not. Right now it's now four minutes past midnight and I've still two more university references to write for my students. Happily, I've five Oxbridge candidates this year. Unhappily, that bumps the pressure up somewhat.  

...But I couldn't ignore the blog for yet another day, so I'm taking a quick five minutes out. 

Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, why not look at my blogroll (right) and maybe take a look at one of our esteemed fellows whose blog you've maybe not perused for a while...?

Take care now, and happy hobbying,

- D.

Thursday 5 September 2013

381 Card Sculpture Woodpecker (...and a bit of history)


As a brief aside, I picked this lovely model Lesser Spotted Woodpecker model up for 20p from a charity shop, and have made it up for my daughter over the last couple of evenings:
- It's life-sized and absolutley lovingly designed: I plan to hang it up in her room as we can often hear woodpeckers in the spring. What makes this even better though, is that this also represents one the most evocative memories I have of my childhood: my dad - who was in the Royal Navy - would pass time whilst at sea by making these birds, and I have a vivid recollection of seeing HMS Glamorgan come in from the Round Tower then meeting him later with a bloody-great 4-foot osprey under his arm.

Everything old is new again, eh? Makes a chap misty-eyed, I tell you.
Here's what made the exercise even more fun: the instructions, whilst aesthetically pleasant, are...something of an acquired taste! Let' just say I enjoyed the challenge of trying to work it out!
Keep well,

- D.

PS: The Glamorgan is the ship I mostly remember my dad serving on...one of at least 17 ships in 35 years!

Wednesday 4 September 2013

380 ...Really, Games Workshop? Really?

I mean: come on!

THIS is what Space Marines have come to in 2013?

Does no-one there even care any more?

To my knowledge I've never yet sworn on this blog. Today I come close.

Je perds mes mots.