Wednesday 13 October 2010

230 In the Doldrums

Ahoy, Blogland!
Drax is in the hobby Doldrums. Not hobby burn-out - far from it - but just as I've got 'in' with a great and very welcoming gaming club, my car has officially died and (with no money to fix it at all) I am, therefore, pretty stuck in my village and utterly unable to make the drive to the club.
My village is so isolated even the road out has given up and drowned itself

Obviously, no-one else from the club seems to live in my direction, and there are no busses anywhere near it after the early evening, so I haven't a chance: having already missed two planned games I'm now certain to miss another this Thursday.

Damn and blast.

Plus it's now too cold to paint out in the shed, so I'm going to have to get back to the elaborate old get-all-my-painting-stuff-out-after-Mrs-Drax-has-gone-to-bed-and-I've-finished-all-my-planning-and-marking-then-paint-for-an-hour-if-I'm-lucky-THEN-clear-it-all-up-again-AND-do-the-washing-up-before-finally-stumbling-into-bed-in-the-early-hours routine.


- Drax,


  1. Sounds like you need a paint box like I have:

    It makes painting in varied locations so much easier.

  2. Cheer up, mate. All floods subside eventually, and I'm sure you can save up the money to fix your car (I hope). In the mean time, if Mrs. Drax would allow it, you might call up somebody in the club and see if they'll come out your way. Perhaps you could bribe them with beer?

  3. You have my sympathies. Especially with the cold shed and only covert painting in the house thing.

    I'm guessing that you don't need the car for work then ? In which case I'm jealous.

    See ? every cloud has a silver coloured chocolate flavoured coating.

  4. Ah, the folly of the machine spirit! Perhaps some incense and proper rites are required?

    Don't let all these things bring you down too much!

  5. Thanks, chaps!

    >Masta Cheef: Great thinking! I actually made a mini, travel one of these but it got destroyed. These days I use a biscuit (cookie) tin inside an old laptop satchel and it works fine: you've inspired me to restock it and I've just brought it back into the warmth of the house. Cheers!

    >Nassir: Another great idea! Sadly, I don't know many people there yet and the cottage is a little cramped to play in easily, but I do know that one of them happens to work in the nearby town...hmm...maybe my wife's cooking could tempt them...

    >Zzzzzz: You're right, of course. No, loads of colleagues drive past the village, so I can lift share by arrangement or (quite literally) by going down to the roundabout and sticking out a thumb. I often have meetings after school though, so getting home's a little less convenient...

    >Hal'jin: Again, you must be correct. I shall ritualistically sacrifice a servitor as pennance.

    - Chris.

  6. That's gotta really bite, you've just found a decent gaming group and now you can't get out there. I hope you'll be able to get the car sorted soon.

    I'll second the idea of a packable painting area, the wife got me one of the GW painting stations last Christmas and it sits on top of a cupboard out of the way and means I can take it out and be painting within a minute and similarly with pack up, gives me at least 10 extra minutes painting each time as I don't have any pack up, it really is great.

    Good luck with it.

  7. Sorry about your vehicular luck! I'd give you a ride to the club but, unfortunately, it's several thousand miles out of my way.

    And by the way, I'll be writing you an email soon. It seems that someone owes me a painted mini! I'd almost forgot!

  8. Cheers, chaps - and Geek: thanks for the kind offer!

    As for what I owe'd be an honour and a privilege! - just let me know, buddy.

  9. Drax, I run my painting out of a rhino box (previously imperial guard battle box) with all the paints, brushes etc in there... get to it geezer.

    Good luck with the motor fella. After GPS'ing it to your place I feel your pain. You can always start a wargames club for the village ... oh no, that'd be like going back to work every evening...


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