Wednesday, 22 December 2010

240 Alternative Uses for Guardsmen #23


After three years, we've just reorganised the living room in the cottage, and - having got rid of the ancient sofa - we realised we've no longer got anything between the roaring oil stove and the toddler.


Cue two cases of Drax's toy soldiers:

If you're interested, the one on the right contains my entire infantry company plus a bunch of other stuff [it also has a busted lock from when I arrived at the games club without my key]; the other one contains most of my chimera-chassis vehicles.

There endeth the lesson.

- Drax.


  1. Be carefull, the warm can ruin the plastic. Deformations everywere...

    Even sun warm can do it.

  2. Please tell me you won't run the stove while the figs are in the cases.

  3. Thanks for the concern, chaps, but all's well!

    It's not on and it's only a temporary measure anyhow to get Baby used to it...maybe I ought to have made the details a little clearer, eh?

    Cheers again,

    - Chris.

  4. What kind of cases are those? They must be packed in tightly to get so many models in them.

  5. Nice multi-use there Drax.

    Safety first is a good priority.


  6. I too feared for the guards safety in such close proximity to the stove. Glad to hear it's not heating them up!

    You should see my house. Thomas is into everything and we have gates everywhere to keep him safe. I don't use my minis as blockades though as he is the incarnation of destruction.

  7. Does the ToddlerBaby climb? I see those falling over and - BAM an owie head very fast, given the children I was *ahem* blessed with.

    As we say in the States, "Just sayin'"

  8. Cheers.

    >Warhammer 39999: They're just cheap pluckfoam flight cases, but I pile the models in en masse because I really do not have time, space or funds enough to allocate each disposable, varnished, lightweight plastic Guardsman his own compartmnet: I've literally hundreds of infantry and no storage. More (old) details here: .

    >Pom, Geek and Loquacious:

    I'll swear she's part mountain goat. She climbs up, down, over and through absolutely everything, including the dog. Of course she can topple them and fall off them, but they act as a buffer zone and an obstacle, giving us time and warning to pick her up/drag her away.

    Hopefully I'll be able to find my dad's old fireguard at his house over Christmas.

    And loquacious, trust me: there is scarcely anything more like a death-trap to reckless toddlers than an old stone country cottage - it's as if they built the thing for the sole purpose of keeping down the population of rural England - but she's learning. and she's learning fast.

    "What doesn't kill you..." as they say...

    - Drax.

  9. Wow - that makes us sound like the worst parents ever.

    We're not - I promise!

  10. Thanks for the link. Those are deceptively roomy.

  11. LOL... check out Argos. they sell some solid latchable stove surrounds...

    All the best, on Christmas morning!

  12. So, Drax, do you take your guard sunny side up or easy over?

    Good useage, the foam should be good to keep them insulated from the directed heat anyway, but be careful.

    Hope the little one had a good Christmas.



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