Tuesday, 29 March 2011

254 Mortars Ahoy!

Hey, All!

Just wanted to share that - at last - I got a tad more modelling done: three more mortar teams have joined the company...which is great, because mortars have been absolute game-winners for my last two games!

Click here to read Suneokun's excellent and passionate article on the wonders of massed mortar fire. I stole the picture above from that post too - my camera's broken at the mo.

- Drax.


  1. Congrats mate, mine are slowly getting there as well :-)

  2. I get the feeling Sauneokun's math is a bit wonky. Having tried mass mortar fire in 40K before, it is nowhere near as effective as I'd hoped it would be, no matter how cool the concept is.

  3. Grats mate! Finished my first one yesterday! Being a recent convert to the mortars i gotta say: "They are fun and can be very awesome!" and almost always underestimated. People laugh at me when i mention the word mortars. Ill show them! ;)

  4. I've had mortars take down a Terminator Chaplain in close combat, smear terminators, Space Marine Bikers and Tau Crisis Suits all over the board.

    I've wiped out entire Kroot hordes and Ork squads in a single round.

    Mortars are 'lucky', they're your ultimate 'fun' unit. Cheap as chips, tactically useful, difficult to kill and hurting the enemy every turn.

    In six turns of shooting, they'll get six turns (useless everything is dead)...

    I'm now at a stage where my opponents don't mock the mortars, but rush their plans to race into my lines BEFORE the mortars enter the board. Straight into Straken, Rough Riders and Power Weapon blobs of guardsmen.

    Mock my math (no, seriously, please do, they really are shoddy) and mock my scientific method (or lack thereof), but face the might of my mortars on the table and quail in fear...

  5. PS:

    A) Thanks for the biggup, me so proud!
    B) How did the Mortars win for you, more detail please...
    C) You think I should run a mortar spam death army for BLOGWARS, or Tyranids, or Tau?

  6. Cheers, All!

    >Corbane: Look forward to them!

    >Dave: I never go in for maths stuff, but the main reason I play them is for fun! I love anything that might backfire, and the only thing more fun than getting an accurate bombardment of mortar rounds onto an enemy surounded by your own lightly armoured guardsmen...is when the rounds stray!

    >Ras: That underestimation really is the key, mate. Look forward to seeing yours...

    >suneokun: (C) In both games opening salvos tore into the rearmost units before continuing throughout; in the second game pretty much ALL of my scatter rolls were awesomely accurate(!), and in neither game did the mortars so much as get shot at.

    You'll be pleased to note I used two squads last game: it's just so damned demoralising to have poxy str4 templates covering everything with complete impunity: like getting swamped by invisible killer bees!

  7. @ Drax... brilliant. I've put together a 'brief history' of the mortar and why I've come to love it.

    It's complied from BATREPS from Jan2009 to Today.

    A cracking read.


  8. Yes, mortars very nice. I've used then very successfully against massed troops. Usually have 3 squads worth backed by with a squadron of griffons:)

  9. I just wish the mortars looked cooler. A autocannon looks ferocious on the table. A mortar looks like a guy with a piece of pipe. Maybe I'll paint some red and put wings and spikes and snarling teeth on them. That will up the cool factor...

  10. Good post!Thanks for the heads up.
    I brought 3 Mortars ages ago. Now I'll proxy my unused storntroopers to man them :)

  11. I agree, mortars are tons of fun. While the massed infantry mortars are nothing to sneeze at, the FW heavy mortars (the field pieces) truly are the bee's knees. I don't know about using them exclusively, though; you're always going to need anti-armor firepower....

  12. Thanks, guys. And Brian - frankly, I might just make a Guardsman and arm him with a length of pipe.

    God knows it can't be any less effective than a lasgun!


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