Wednesday, 21 September 2011

286 Drax Goes to the USA

Hullo, Faithful Readers,

Just a heads-up: I'm off to America in October (22nd-29th) to visit the in-laws, and on the offchance any of you are in the Greater Chicagoland Area, the lovley Mrs. Drax has given official spousal permission for me to meet up with you...if you so wish. It'd be lovely to meet you face-to-face!

We'll be around the South Side and the Western Suburbs, so if you're around and you fancy meeting up, do please drop me a line!

- Chris.


  1. Nice! Unfortunately I'm literally 1,005 miles away from there, but if by some strange quirk of fate I happen to travel to the area, I'll let you know!

  2. Cool! I only live about 4 hours from there, I'm in Iowa...but there no way I'm driving that just to meet you lad, crap I hate driving across down for work!

    Enjoy your visit

  3. I am a couple of hours east of there but I think the authors of Kantor Base and Plastic Legions are chicagoland folks.

  4. safe travels to you when you go! I am about 2 hours ish south of there. I might possibly drive up to meet...

  5. Have FUN!!! If your in the DC Baltimore area Hit me up!!

  6. Double damn! I was just up there for Games Day... Why didnt you time your travels better? Brian from the blog A Gentlemans Ones is a Chicago guy. He's fun and a fellow educator.

    Maybe you could talk the wife into a detour through Texas?

    On a serious note I've not mailed your minis yet. Maybe it would be safer to mail them to your inlaws? Less distance in the post and all.

  7. Cheers, All. Probably not worth driving to meet up with me, as it'd just be for a quick drink, but just thought I'd test the water.

    Geek: please post to the UK if that's okay: the in-laws don't know about my secret shame and it'd just take too damned long to explain!

    As soon as I rememeber to hunt down a suitable box, I'll package yours off to you, too.

    - D.


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