Sunday, 1 April 2012

307 First 'Flames' Infantry Finished

Well, after 20 years of 40K it's been weird to model and paint my Late War British infantry, but here are the first two finished stands:

The sergeant of the stand on the left doesn't actually have a green face - he's looking behind him. This confused me when I first saw the pics...

I was worried at first when I started playing with the static grass that it looked too bright green...and then I saw some pics of the garden that Mrs Drax took this week, and the worry left me:
By the way, thanks to Ron's From the Warp tutorial on the application of static grass - the stand on the right was grassed after I read it, and it's far better!


- Drax.


  1. Looks really good Drax. Looking forward to seeing them take on some Germans.

    As for the grass, it's all about the season, and how long it's been since the last rain. When I saw the bases, I did think that it looked very green, but it still looks good.

  2. That's so cool to see it worked for you. and you have the perfect color grass on your bases too.

    Ron, FTW

  3. Cheers, chaps!

    As it happens, where I live in the South West is just like 'Bocage' country - only more hilly.

    In fact, they staged the main practice for D-Day just a few miles from here...and my town is twinned with Isigny-Sur-Mer: right in the middle of the invasion!

  4. I should probably do a post about all that, actually...!

  5. Looks good, looking forward to the History Post!

  6. Great post, thanks for the link to the static grass as well. Have you ever found it hard to switch to a different scale after so much 28mm? Bigger or smaller, I never seem comfortable painting outside that size range. Maybe I'm mad.

    Also can't wait to see the history post as well!


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