Sunday, 29 April 2012

311 Filthy Traitor Scum

I've actually got some painting done!

This is the most stupidly busy time of the school year as all the students' coursework etc. is being collated and double-marked, but I really needed a night off last night, so I actually got the paints out for an hour or so.

I've been painting up 12 traitor guard mortar teams for my pal Zzzzzz, and these aren't the ones I worked on last night, but a trio I'd already finished. The ones I'm working on currently are far more...turned. Still, it might serve as proof that (a) I am still alive, (b) I am still working on them (sorry for the time it takes me, Zzzzzz - only 4 teams left now!) and (c) when absolutely necessary, even I will put a brush to filthy traitor scum.

Never thought they'd see light on this blog, though. I enjoyed painting some of the tatoos - see if you can spot them:
See you on the other side,
- D.


  1. Yay traitor guard!

    TWELVE mortar teams? Yeesh.

  2. They look good and the tattoos are a nice touch. They're there, but not in your face. It's one of those things you see as you're going over the model which is nice.
    Ron, FTW

  3. I like 'em. Look like they have only just started down their dark path to damnation. Hope you can find time for more.

  4. >sonsoftaurus: yes - it took me somewhat by surprise, too! Still, they were swiftly followed by a medusa on - I believe - indefinite loan to the Cadian 24th. So I certainly won't complain!

    >Ron: Cheers! Like with the painting of flesh tones, it's forcing me to paint stuff I wouldn't usually attempt. Painted a nice (nice?) Nurgle trefoil last night, too!

    >Dai: Thanks...and I'm pretty sure that's the route Zzzzzz's taking with them - his head for fluff is great; as is the scale of his IG collection.

    Naturally, the cruddy photos (taken swiftly, inside, during a gale) don[t do the models justice, but in order to differentiate each squad of three I've given their bases a motif. In this case, it's bits of purple-hued rubbble.

  5. After that tournament last month, where my single mortar team was the only unit that really achieved anything, I have to say I wish I had more of them in my force! Maybe in the future.

  6. Hurrah ! Bombs on the heads of the minions of the false emperor !

  7. I love the tattoos--as Ron says, they're subtle enough not to overwhelm the models, but stark enough to catch my eye. Honestly, I'd like to see a little more on them to stand out as tratior guard though. Is it just the tats and the helmets that make them stand out as traitors?


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