Friday, 10 August 2012

330 Sly Marbo Conversion: Redux

I thought I'd give my old Marbo conversion a new airing:
This is mostly in response to Malkavschilde's recent post about the effects on ol' Sly of the 6th Edition rules(which I've still yet to play!) - and a very good post it is too. I always tend to field Marbo, even though he's not very Cadian, simply because I enjoy the often-suicidal chaos and fun he brings to what can otherwise be predictable games with a mostly shooty Guard army.
The model is quite evidently chipped now, as he was painted during my I'm-fed-up-with-varnish-failing-and-I-can't-afford-a-can-of-matte-spray phase, so I'll probably give him a quick touch-up then varnish him properly (now I have a can of matte) over the remaining summer. 
It's just the old Catachan lascannon loader model with a converted pistol (I do like the converted pistol) and the power cell painted with hazard stripes...which Mrs. Drax accurately asserted to be one of the ghost traps from 'Ghostbusters'.  
Here's Marbo's original post, if you're interested.


- Drax.


  1. I do like how that pistol turned out - That's a great Marbo!

  2. A great example of a fairly ordinary 'background' model you never look twice at, given an expert tweak and all of a sudden it's a centrepiece. Brilliant! And I must confess I'm a big fan of the black-and-yellow-hazard-stripes too. Oh, and the photo in the grass is genius!

  3. Nice. Each time I've faced Marbo, I've come a cropper. I think I need a PzGdr Von Marbo for the DKK.

  4. Fits the boll nicely and agreed, that's a damned fine pistola. Hrm.... maybe I need a Marbo too?

  5. Can't beat a bit of Marbo mate ;o)

  6. I love that ghost buster democharge!
    Nice work on the eyes too, very menacing!

  7. As I think I have mentioned before, I find your army's skin-tone diversity very refreshing!

  8. Excellent work Sir!
    also, thanks for the nod!

  9. Hey! It's everyone! Thanks, everyone!

    >Mordian + Dai: Thanks! 'Twas a nice and simple job.

    >Scipio: cheers mate: I hadn't thought of it in that way! As for the grass? - well, it's just a shame his base doesn't match, eh?

    >Zzzzzz I seem to remember Marbo being ultra sneaky against you by 'dropping' his democharge off a 4-storey tower straight onto the heads of your Harker's veterans...(sorry!)

    > Corbane: Welcome back, matey

    > Ackland: The eyes were more by luck than judgement, I suspect. Luck...and ineptitude.

    > Malkavschilde: de rien

    > Ian C: Hmmm. Thank you (and I agree). Is it worth doing a post, d'you reckon?


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