Thursday, 22 November 2012

340 Thanksgiving Progress and Conversion Report

Hi All,

...and Happy Thanksgiving! Or - as we call it here in the UK - "Thursday".

I'm only just managing to stand up now, after my visiting Chicagoan Mother-in-Law cooked a turkey the size of Luxembourg!

And for once I've got a 40K update for you: part of a liaison team from the 2/24th Cadian that I'm putting together for the marvellous Zzzzzz over at Devos IV:
On the left, my B Coy Liaison Officer - a simple headswap with one of the brilliant new heroic 'beret' heads by Steve at Mad Robot Miniatures... but on the right a FW figure with all sorts of 'pack-rat' bits and a converted left hand - carefully ignoring his wounds and the battle around him in order to ensure The Boss's tea is just as he likes it. He's clearer in the expanded view.

Interested to hear your thoughts, everyone, if you'd be so kind.


- D.


  1. Very cool looking models. Happy Thursday. ;)

  2. Looks great, Drax! That is a cool set of heads.

    Nothing wrong with a Turkey the size of Luxembourg, I'm slipping into a food coma m'self after an afternoon celebrating Thanksgiving over at the folks. There were seven different kinds of pie! Oof. :)

  3. Ooooh I like the guy brewing up. Very VERY British to be brewing up in the middle of a firefight :) I'll have to get a WiP up for my own soon ...

  4. Ummmm. Hexamine flavoured tea....

  5. Thanks, Chaps! Just finished my Turkey Day leftovers.

    And Zzzzzz: however could you tell I'm trying to work out how/if to make a 28mm(heroic) scale hexi-stove?!

  6. 'Thursday' LMFAO. Great stuff, and my record for a Naval Bridge Watch is 22 cups in 4 hours... and no Heads... :P

  7. Was so stuffed after my turkey it was painful.

    Those heads are indeed rather nifty.

  8. Thanks. Too many references to 'heads' bouncing around, though!

    Good news: my secret sculpt is pretty much finished for this project now...


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