Sunday, 9 December 2012

342 Devos IV Detachment: Work-in-Progress and a question.


Well, Col Scipio over at Palladian Guard has posted his, and as the demands of my newly-expanded family actually eased enough for me to get a bit of painting done last night, please find herewith my CURRENTLY VERY WORK-IN-PROGRESS efforts for the Devos IV Liaison Team from B Coy, 2/24th Cadian light Infantry:
Obviously, so far I've just blocked-out the colours, and there are assorted bits as yet separate or temporarily blu-tacked on, but I trust you get the idea. Their officer is Brevet-Major Tiberius W. Hammett...and I'm delighted to note that Mrs Drax has also now officially named the new Regimental Corgi, too...but that'll be unveiled when he's finished.

Further details and modelling decisions will be expained once the unit's finished.

Oh, here's the question:
I plan to get some liquid greenstuff to finish up the corgi sculpt and fill his joins(!), but does anyone know if there's any easy way of scultping some suggestion of a fur texture into his surfaces, without needing either money or skill (neither of which I have much of)?

Thanks in hopeful advance,

- Drax.


  1. They look great - even in the WiP state I'm liking the colour scheme already. Hmmm... fur, eh? I'll stress I haven't tried this, but what about adding a very (very) thin layer of normal Green Stuff on the dog's back, then using a scalpel to poke lots of really close-together holes at 45 degrees into his back, create the fur pattern?

  2. Small pin scrapes with the end of a nail? Not so sure on such a wee canine mini. Hrm.

    Either way, this lot has tonnes of character, great start.

    Call the dog Bonneville. :)

  3. Those are looking great! Out of curiosity, what is the little scout vehicle in the first picture? I really dig how that looks and wouldn't mind getting some for m'self!

    As far as the fur goes, a wetted tip of an exacto blade in small, thin wavy lines is my suggestion. A couple good tutorials I've used in the past:

    One from Miniature Tim:

    And one from the ever-helpful Ron over at FTW:

    Looking forward to seeing these come together - Keep up the great work!

  4. When I was starting out with my Space Wolves and sculpting fur and cloaks over everything, I discovered that I could use the small "wolf tail bits" to press into the regular greenstuff that would cover gaps and such. While using a sculpting tool can work well on it's own for fur, the little wolf tail pressing matched up much better to the plastic pieces than I could have ever hope to do.

    However, I would actually limit my fur sculpting to the tail, maybe a bit of of a lions mane and maybe some by his paws. You'll be amazed at how a few suggestions of fur can convince the observer that the entire model is furry.

    Think about the high elves lion chariot models or any warhammer horses.

  5. Nice work, Drax; impressed with the script on the signaller's pad.

    Mordian 7th; their vehicle is an Annocenti Bear, which is a bit like a hummve.

    Actual 28mm hummve's are available from Fenris.

  6. Very characterful and nice scout car! A pin might work, remember to work the fur in waves, just look at the 'dear dog' and look how his fur works in interlocked clumps - mold the clumps and then add the texture. It doesn't have to be realistic ... it could be very stylish!

  7. Brilliant! Thanks so much for the links and the top tips chaps - I'm really trying to make this project something a little special.

    That said: the models really do look shoddy at the moment. I promise I'll smarten them up yet in my usual painfully-slow-and-old-fashioned style...honest!

    I might even take a half-decent photo when I do.

    By the way: SUNEOKUN! Hello! Always a pleasure, matey!

  8. ...Oh, and in case those out of Zzzzzz's Devos IV Liaison loop haven't twigged, he's been supplying the Cadian HQ boxes and the 'wheels' too: that's why he could identify the Bear quicker than me (plus I was at work and can't log in there).

    Even with my rather uninspired approach to vehicular paint-jobs I think this little runaround will look suh-weet when she's finished!


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