Wednesday, 15 May 2013

358 ...I told you I'd be back to 40K!

And here's the proof of the pudding - my Liaison Detachment for Zzzzzz:
Usual stark photography, but y'know... kinds feels good!

- Drax.


  1. Great to have you back in the 40K Universe!
    Welcome back and good Job :)

  2. Nice! I dig how that's turning out - love the colors on the banner, definitely eye-catching. Keep up the great work, mate!

  3. Thanks, Chaps!

    Klaus - I have simply no idea how you're as prolific as you are: I started this lot off in the summer! Plus, I can't rearrange minis on a base without thinking of the apparently effortless way in which you can visualise and position such vast, multi-participant dioramas as you do!

  4. Very nice. I do like the chap brewing up. I think that's the most dystopian element of the 40K universe - up to now, there's been no mention of brews. No wonder humanity is teetering on the edge.

  5. I'd totally missed there was a guy making up a brew, genius!

  6. Excellent ! And none of them are from Norwich....

  7. Bloody superb work sir, and I second the comments about the chap making a brew - even in the grim darkness of the future a chap needs his tea

  8. Some good looking minis there!

  9. welcome back, we've been waiting here for you ;op


  10. Wow! Thanks so much for all the comments - old friends and new (Hi, Brian!) - my internet's been playing up, but I really appreciated discovering the feedback.

    In good news, I've finished two of these guys now and done more work on the banner...with luck I'll be able to hand them back to Zzzzzzz a week today!

    By the way - does Dark Angels Green still exist?

    If not, what's the closest paint now, please?

    - D

    1. Alas, Dark Angels Green has been consigned to history. I use Caliban Green, that seems to be the nearest equivalent, really not much difference at all.

  11. Lots of character on these, very cool. :)

    No idea on the paint though.... My DA Green is still almost full, not the little pot, the hexagonal pot. Can never seem to find a reason to use it.

  12. I may have a pot or two stashed away that I've never used, I'll have a look and if they are there you are welcome to them as I could probably count on one hand the times I've used that colour.
    Alternately, check out Vallejo, their "Game Colour" range used to be a near exact match to the old GW range with very similar names, assuming they haven't updated theirs as well you will find a very good substitute there.


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