Thursday, 17 October 2013

383 "Back in!" (and - by extension - "Help?!")


Softly, softly, catchee monkey. I'm drip-feeding myself back in to getting back into 40K. And yes, that phrasing is deliberate. Work is still swallowing up about 4 hours of my time every night and all Sundays, so hobby time is precious. This is also why I've barely looked at any of your blogs since the start of September - sorry!

...but today I am not at work.

And last night I actually cracked open my paint tin:

I'm working on some lovely figures for Zzzzzz but I'd be awfully grateful for some of your excellent advice on colour pallettes:

What I'm after is a third colour to complement a cream and pale grey-green scheme without contrasting too heavily.

Also, if you had these models, what colour would you paint their equipment (weapons and flamer tanks in particular)?

Thanks in hopeful advance,

- D.

PS: I do always take on your advice, by the way! Some of you were kind enough to suggest new paintbrushes: I didn't ignore you - I just haven't got around to buying a new one yet. Missing a day's pay isn't going to bloody help much, either.


  1. Dude, give up work, seriously.

    mauve, green and heliotrope are my holy triumvirate of colours.

    Have a look at that thing I emailed you, read more blogs, replace your brushes, pull your socks up, get on with the FOW desert rats, clean your teeth, Now ! Now ! Now !

    I'm not helping, am I ?

  2. Some sort of muted clay-like orange/teracotta would work, as would a pale medium blue.

    And Zzzzzz has a point - less work, more hobby. ;)

    Nice to see you have a little free time mate.

  3. I think orange too. I'm not a fan of orange but it sounds like it would fit your colour scheme. A dark, muted blue might work too.

  4. Well obviously I'll take a steer from Zzzzzz...I can just never quite be sure whether or not he's kidding!

    Thanks for the suggestions though chaps: that has indeed given me a good steer.

    Incidentally, since writing this post today I have actually booked myself a friendly game at the club with a really sound opponent who will - I know - be gentle with me!

    Roll on Monday 28th, eh?

  5. For colors, this page can give no end of suggestions. There are others like it and some may be more user friendly, but this one does provide a starting point for picking colors that work together.

    I'm sure I've missed some pertinent blog posts, but will there be any closer shots of these minis? They look interesting from what I can see!

  6. Thanks so much, Geek!

    I really simply do not 'get' colour. My wife despairs. Luckily, she also advises!

    The minis are smashing: there'll be photos upon completion - possibly within a week maybe a fortnight...


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