Friday, 3 January 2014

404 - Day 14/14 - Finished! ...But Why Do I Never Learn?

I made it!

Fourteen consecutive days of actively pursuing my hobbies (all three systems, as it happens!) and posting daily about them...despite lightning strikes, travel, babysitting duties and fear of discovery...thanks for following along with me.

As you've possibly already seen from the photos, tonight finds me - once again, sitting on the landing to get some hobbying done - in this case, getting some filler onto my (now full-strength, thanks to another ten penceworth of change) BEF platoon's bases.

Only this time it's my own landing.

My own sodding landing.

Which is tiny: about 2'x4'6''.

"Why?" you may well wonder.

The reasons are many and varied but essentially involve me looking after the baby again but the baby monitor doesn't work and she needs darkness to sleep. Our cottage is pretty damned small (especially for my poor American wife whose Mid-West friends all have veritable palaces by comparison), and the 1840s stone construction renders it pretty damned soundproof vertically. I have to be within earshot of the baby (who's in our room) but the only other room on this floor is the small, damp, cold bathroom, which is a no-go for hobby, despite having the best lighting in the house.

So it's the landing again...


...What a predictably ignominious end!

Still, I've REALLY enjoyed the challenge as well as your comments and support and it's quite evidently been the most fecund period for my hobbying in a long, long time.


There'll be a short hiatus now whilst I actually get some work done for a few days, but I'm hoping to think of some inventive way to celebrate my 400th post properly.

Stay tuned, and thanks again,

- Admiral Drax.


  1. Cracking series, Drax - I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'em! A well deserved rest in store for you, I hope!

  2. What an end to a very fun adventure. Did you bring your sleepingbag too?

    Are those BEF or Italy campaign tommies?

  3. Thanks for the last 14 days! They were a blast to read.

  4. Thanks, Guys!

    >Dai: Rumbled! They are in fact the contents of BBX04 - - which seems to be an early (2009) generic 'British Company(-)' - it's marked as E/M/W but I find the BEF more interesting than Italy, and besides I reckon they look close enough - especially as you can't make out the lack of chest packs on the Toms...what do you think Mate? - Ought I be able to get away with it?

  5. Yes, Admiral, I suspect that people will only really notice if you paint 8th army up in 'normal' colours.

    And congratulations on actually managing 14 posts in 14 days. (daze ?). I will delve into the boxes and select a suitable prize....

  6. Great stuff Admiral! Happy New Year mate

  7. Thanks, Fellas.

    >Dai: I looked again at BBX04 and compared it to the BF British in Italy rules, and Italy seems all about the PIAT, whereas these boys are reliant on the Boys (sadly). I think it really was intended as a generic, catch-all 'British' force...

  8. It's been fantastic to see such a regular series of posts, and always gratifying to see what you are up to. Although you thoroughly deserve a hiatus now, I hope it won't be too long till we see you back again.

  9. Thanks, John and Andrew!

    I hoped I'd be back tonight, with news of my shiny new rulebook, but alas I just got home to find it's not yet arrived.

    Still, I shall try to get back in the saddle again...

    - Drax


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