Tuesday 18 March 2014

419 - What on Earth Does My Blog Look Like to YOU?

Hullo, All.

I'm becoming increasingly conscious of how odd my blog looks.

Since I adopted the 'new'(!) layout* I've realised it doesn't quite 'fit'. I've also realised - to my dismay - that I never got around to putting up a permanent banner ad for either Kirton Games (here) or Mad Robot Miniatures (here)...and that's a real shame in both cases, as they are both absolutely superb independent manufacturers.

Also, since getting a different computer at work, I've realised that my blog page has some weird issues with the width of its columns and banners: issues that simply weren't apparent on my old computer. This has led me to realise that other readers must get a similarly disparate layout, and I'm keen to do some or all of the below to remedy all this:
  1. Get some proper banner ads for companies I like (and maybe lose the sidebar google ads);
  2. Get some feedback on what my blog actually looks like to you (goodness knows how!)
  3. Work out how to fix it or change it;
  4. Fix or change it;
  5. Realise I don't have know-how enough to do points 4 and 5 above, so ask someone to help me;
  6. Maybe even update some of my long-standing sidebar features *gasp!*.
TO WHICH END, please please please comment with any and all thought you have which may be of use to a bear - like me - of very little computational brain.

Many thanks in hopeful advance,

- Drax.

*Ages ago now - I can't even be bothered to check when it was!


  1. Good idea. It is always hard to see how your blog looks on other browsers. On my computer, your top image is oversized. I only see half of the width of it and it takes up the whole vertical space of my browser window.

  2. I find your blog to be like a common room - there's normally some good chat going on and some interesting bits and pieces to pick up and look at, even if I can't get them out of the door... I come here for a coffee or a quick snack sometimes.

    Not being much help, am I ?

  3. Other than downsizing the blog banner at the top, it's all fine for me.

    White on black is easy to read and the stuff to the right of the text.... Don't think I've actually ever checked it out to be honest. LOL!

  4. Yup, that page header is too big.. and you have too much stuff in the sidebar, so as you see ^^ people don't even look.

    Streamline, pick the most important sidebar items and look for a bit of contrast pop so we are more drawn to them - smaller, slimmer and punchier banner, and you could use some links to pages if you want to spread some content from the sidebars around.

    While i applaud your support fo curious constructs (i've given them my custom also) the placement of the graphic does make it look like a sub-heading for your blog rather than an advert for a colleague..

    happy to help if you want it, my email is on my profile ;)

  5. yeah the curious constructs thing is weird.. at first I thought your site had been taken over.

  6. Thank you so much for the coments, guys - super useful!

    Karitas, I'll be in touch...

  7. Admiral, looks okay to me on Google Chrome. But i'll always be a firm advocate for getting rid of adverts except those that actually relate to companies you use and trust and are relevant.

    Are you getting any of these new fangled Militarium Astra dudes?

  8. Karitas, I haven't forgotten - I promise you.

    Siph: I agree. The ads are definitely going. Just an experiment. Funnily enough the reason I stopped being affiliated to BoLS (albeit very amicably with the pleasant 'Big Red') was because I strongly disapproved of the very political third party ads that the site ended up hosting during the last US Presidential Elections.

    As for the new models? Well, we'll see. Honestly I genuinely have no idea if I have the wherewithal to even own the 'Scions' codex. Is it just available on Macs or tablets? I haven't a Scooby. If so, then I'll not be getting it.

    As for the main codex ("MA"? - bleurg!) I've said for a long time now that it would be my final 'definite' 40k purchase as it'll give me the nod as to the extent to which I might continue with the Imperial Guard. If I can't reconcile myself with it, then my already very few games will become fewer and fewer.

    On the other hand, if I like it, it might just stoke the GW fires a wee bit.

    Models-wise, the Scions do look awesome...but I already have 45+ stormtroopers of three different types.

    And no spare money.

    Or room.


    We'll see. I don't doubt there'll be a post up about this soon...


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