Sunday 11 October 2015

528 - 6MMRPC 14 - Baby Orky Steps

First attempt at posting from my mobile. Hmmm...

After hurrying to finish those Comets, and with Real Life (TM) biting again, I got nothing done last week *sad face* but last night I got my act together again and nailed another of Da Masta Cheef's orkses (pending finishing touches, of course!).

Now let's see if I can post one of the 1am mobile pics with this...

- Drax


  1. It worked ! And the pict isn't tooooo bad.

  2. Replies
    1. With luck and a following wind, I'll get another one or two done tonight...

  3. I am more than familiar with pictures taken at or around 1am! :)

    Looks great from here mate. Like how you've picked out the hoses, etc.

    Paint and post as you can fit it in between real life (tm) needs.


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