Friday, 29 December 2017

617 - New Mini Lightbox: WOWEE!

Season's Greetings!

Well, as ever the title says it all* - for six quid on eBay I recently bought myself a portable mini lightbox, and with Mrs Drax out I thought I'd take it for a spin:

Even with my cruddy phone camera, this is astonishing!

The rest are my trial pics, but seriously, GET ONE OF THESE!
(I know I should really crop the pics,  but I was just too excited!)

HappyYear, everyone!

- Drax.

* It would've been nice if this post could've been something a wee bit Barnes Wallace-y, maybe...


  1. Nice! I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a while. How are the LED’s powered?

    1. Hey James - thanks.

      If you look at the 2nd pic, you'll see the micro-USB lead (a cheap but serviceable one) which came with it. For these pics I just used a charger that I had to hand (on top of the box).

      The box is 10" square, and it comes also with a black background and its own carry bag too.

      All for 6 quid delivered!


  2. These new ones with LED's look far easier to set up compared to my older one with separate lamps. I really should look into picking one of these up.

    What's the brand?

  3. 'brand'? Ha! Lord knows. Cheap-O.

    I'll comment in a sec with its link and description on eBay, but I don't know if it'll work on the US site...

    Stand by...


    2. "Portable Light Room Camera Photo Studio Photography Lighting Tent Kit Mini Box"

      ...and it took me literally under 46 secs to set up.

    3. Heh, nice one. I'll see what comes up when i search then. Cheers mate.

  4. Order placed. Nice find Admiral ! And it'll count towards 2017 expenditure, not 2018....

  5. Try the black background, it’ll blow your mind
    Or turn down the LEDs with the white if possible as it’s over exposed with glare on the white.

    1. Oh, I plan to: thanks!

      Sadly, I didn't get a chance to try the black b/g before Mrs Drax got back, but it's totally going to happen.

      As for the overexposure? Yeah...thanks! My phone camera's not up to much, and it was too dark beforehand, but I think with a bit more ambient light, a different angle and maybe some more patience I might have a bit more luck. Hopefully.

      Didn't realise it was quite so obvious: you're good, Sir; you're very good!

      Cheers for the tips :)

    2. Oh, and I don't _think_ there's any control over the LEDs...but I'll have a play when time allows...


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