Wednesday, 23 January 2019

668 - 2018 Winter Challenge: British Paras! Days 16-32

Evening, All!
This screen-grab of my latest Draxian Painting Chart(TM), shows which
Paras are built so far [pink] and which are currently being painted [blue].
Again, mixed fortunes in the interim with regard to to the hurried painting to completion of my 21st Independent Coy Paras. On the one hand, my red ('Crusted Sore!') arrived and - although the pics below won't do it justice - it's PERFECT...

...and on the other hand, THIS arrived, naturally I had to both build all the vessels and play a game of it. Two more nights gone, and totally worth it. More on this second naval skirmish in a future post.

Then I did manage to get some painting done. Whist still waiting for the Crusted Sore I painted everyone's flesh and even managed to complete the painting on my RAF Regiment PIAT team:
It's hard to tell, but the fellows below now have the red-brown camo patches:
...and then, THIS happened: I had to dig out my Sikh and Destroy army for an early-war desert-themed event hosted by the entirely excellent Vital Ground Wargames Group up in County Durham:
I had to repack these to get them into my carry-on
My end of the 24ft-long table during Turn 1. I had a blast,
but - inevitably - this is for a future blogpost.
(Note the new mug)
I'm pleased to announce that - even with too many evenings squandered on my poxy day-job work - I believe that I should be able to get the remaining tropers FINISHED in 5-6 days.

Do I have this long until the end of January (my arbitrary time limit)? - Yes. Just. But already, REAL LIFE is threatening those remaining days (note that I'm typing here - not painting!) so I may run over time. C'est la vie, eh?

So there. I may well manage it, but I'm not going to break myself trying, that's for sure!


- Drax.


  1. 1. I need to figure out how to do those painting chart thingies.

    2. Painting progress looks great.

    3. Distractions are part and parcel of being a wargamer, we all suffer from them haha!

  2. 'Sikh and Destroy'

    lol, a finer name for a Bolt Action army there has never been!!!


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