Tuesday, 7 May 2019

680 - 'Mortal Gods' - Inaugural Game.

Well - inevitably - I've played my first game of Mortal Gods. Hosted by Guy, I played my unpainted Thebans against Rossco and his son.

Having not played 'Test of Honour', on which it's loosely based, I didn't really know what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite being well and truly beaten. 

The 'pebbles' system of activation is really interesting, and a cool change from the Bolt Action/Cruel Seas dice mechanic. I also loved the 'omens', as I'm a big fan of random stuff happening mid-flow!

A couple of things didn't quite sit well with me: most notable was that when my light javelin troops (peltasts) were charged, they couldn't choose to run away; also, for a game wherein facings of phalanxes are important, the triangular bases seem slightly unhelpful...
(I lost, despite the cooler pose.)

...but then, I haven't yet got to read the rules, yet, so these things may well be fully addressed!

If nothing else, it was great to be reminded that UNPAINTED MODELS CANNOT WIN! 

- Drax.


  1. How does the "pebbles" activation system work?

  2. Hi!

    In simple terms, as we played it, 1x white pebble per normal unit for both sides; 3x black pebble per commander for both sides, and a total of 3x red pebbles.

    Players take turns to draw:
    White: activate one normal unit;
    Black: activate commander - he gets three activations and can use them to give other units an additional action - brilliant!
    Red: draw an omen card - might be good or ill. Turn ends on draw of third omen card.

    The black pebbles are genius: they really grant and encourage a bit more tactical flexibility!


    1. Interesting.
      I do like the Commander's ability to activate other units. That seems kinda cool.

  3. Wonder how similar the rules are to Gangs of Rome (A fantastic game in itself)?

    Good stuff mate. Get painting so next time you can win. :P

    1. It's different enough to Gangs of Rome simply because of the units rather than individuals. Both cracking games though!


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