Friday, 6 June 2008

017 Basing and Varnishing (mmm...shiny!)

Right then...just a quickie.

I'm going to try to outline why I base and varnish my models as I do - you may have noticed by now that it doesn't always actually look that good; not least on my earlier efforts!
Firstly, basing. I've never relished the idea of basing an army - I find painting the models time-consuming enough and just painting them black or (for a long while) dark green seemed to do a good enough job. However, I figured I ought to try to grow up, and the release of Cities of Death persuaded me that rubble might just be within my grasp. It turns out that it is - just about - within my grasp. I don't like applying it, I don't like basecoating it black, I don't like what drybrushing it does to my brushes (even the old ones!) and I think the end result is - frankly - flat and boring.

BUT it has to be said it's better than the bases staying blank. AND it does make the models look finished. AND it does give them a little more character. AND with a 200+pax army I can't afford to be too fussy. So I guess it works out for the best!

Also, I really like the flashes on the reverse of the bases (see 1Pl HQ medic, below) - it's hard to express just how useful this for identifying units in the field and in storage!
As for the varnish? Well, I do this purely and simply to make the models more hardwearing - especially given the amount of them I'm obliged to store and (sadly not often enough) transport. If it's not painfully obvious, I use spray-on Purity Seal. It also seals the transfers on superbly well.

So there you go!

- Drax


  1. For many years I didn't base my minis either. And when I first did, it was a time consuming pain. I have a method down now though, and the bases really don't add too much work compared to the reward.

    As for varnish, I agree that it's too much work to paint a mini well to let it get chipped, scratched, and generally messed up through handling. I just have trouble getting the minis finished to the point they are ready to varnish without becoming distracted!

  2. I know what you mean about the distractions! And I'll be sure to take a butchers at the bases on your posts...


    - Drax


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