Saturday 21 June 2008

021 After the War [a little comic relief]

And now for something a little different...

After a brief exchange with The Inner Geek, I have decided to post the 2nd/24th Cadian Light Infantry's mascot. He's small, warlike and somewhat Napoleonic, and he almost always accompanies the Lieutenant who commands 2 Platoon in battles:

Faithful readers, I give you 'After the War':
And here he is with his master, OC 2 Platoon:
And here's the little blighter in real life:
That's right - After the War* is a scale representation of our own faithful corgi: Cadfael. Cadfael is technically my wife Kate's dog, having followed her over from Chicago, and a few years ago ahe presented me with my own 28mm version, made out of Fimo, a kind of modelling clay that you bake to set.

After the War has appeared on the field a number of times, and although he usually trots faithfully after his master, he has also made a characterful objective marker a couple of times. He has no game rules.

I'm pleased to note that Kate has also made and/or painted some of my scenery too, for which I'm eternally grateful. She takes no active participation in gaming stuff, but it's always lovely to have her with me when I'm painting on a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon. Thanks, Kate!

NB: Kate has her own blog of daily(ish) photos which I recommend, too, entitled 'The Nicest of the Damned': I have blog title envy!

- Drax

* His name is a reference to a song: if you don't get the reference but want to, do an internet search for "Paul Simon" and "After the War". Incidentally, I'm a big Magritte fan, too.


  1. Give him a base and put him in the game!
    As long you let your opponent know he has no "in-game" value, I don't see why anyone wouldn't let you field him. Talk about adding some great character to an army.

    I have a friend who did something similar with an IG Ogryn unit. He substitued one of the Orgyns with a huge dog-like model and made it the unit mascot. The dog actually "counts as" one of the Ogryns. It makes the unit stand out on the table like nothing else.

  2. I'm really digging that Corgi! They are great dogs. At first I thought maybe you should have modeled the character on a larger base so you could incorporate the dog. But, now that you've mentioned using him as an objective marker on occasion, I'm glad you didn't!

    I know how you feel about having your wife around while you paint. It's nice to have some company even if you are not doing the same thing at the same time. Cheers to us lucky guys!

    Off to check out Kates blog...

  3. Thanks, Guys!

    D'you know, I've never even considered basing him, but maybe I should now. I'll suggest it to Kate! (Here I have to be careful: once she painted a sentinel base for me, and painted some very realistic - but ultimately incongruous - flowers on it!)

    Yes, I do believe I shall base him!

    Right. I'm off to ask if she minds me painting whilst we watch a film together...

    Cheers, all,

    (and yes, Brian - we ARE lucky!)

    - Drax

  4. I'm now inspired... If you get a corgi for your Imperial Guard, I want a bullmastiff, or atleast a rottweiler for my Deathwing!

  5. Tee-hee!

    Given the high quality of your Deathwing models, I've no doubt you'd do justice to a canine sculpt.

    That said, after seeing your termies I can only picture them with a big ol' St Bernard!

    - Drax

  6. Totally love the Corgi! I have two myself and it totally brightened my day to see this, hehe.

  7. That's great, mate!

    And my wife, Kate ( enjoyed your comment too [the corgi's hers, really: he came over to join us from Chicago].

    Cheers for checking out the blog,

    - Drax

  8. Corgi fan as well, had one when I was a wee lad growing up and hope to convince my fiancee to let me have another one in the future. This little 28mm one is quite nice though, and I agree with Ron about basing him up and getting him in the carnage!

    - Salvage

  9. If you base him, please put him in a field of poppies, I feel that would be a suitable place for a loyal friend to stand.

    Devilin of Pathfinder

    PS Congrats on your postings

  10. Devilin, that's a lovely idea - thanks, and I'll definitely think about it!

    - D


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