Saturday, 5 July 2008

024 Thanksgiving in July (off-topic)

NB: This entry isn't really GW-related; more of a nod to all my American readers.


I love having a wife who's (a) American and (b) a great pastry cook, for yesterday was the fabled 4th of July! Yes folks, that's right: not only does Kate make me cracking scenery and objective markers, she also makes a mean selection of American foodstuffs, rammed with sugary and cinnamonny goodness.

For those of you in the UK whose only engagement with 4th of July is occasional Will Smith movies, it's celebrated in a way largely similar to that in which we 'celebrate' Guy Fawkes' Night, in that there are no cards/presents/greetings/holiday etc, but a lot of fireworks and jollity. It's more anti-British than anti-Papacy, but at least you don't get kids begging in the streets.

Now I know that 4th of July doesn't usually carry with it the trappings of Thanksgiving food, but Kate was really keen to cook one last big meal in our little house before we leave for the badlands of South Devon, so it seemed an ideal opportunity to merge one with the other (us Brits scarely know the difference anyway) and an ideal excuse for PIE! Hoorah! are two of the pies (sadly no pics from the whole spread) and hopefully I might even be able to post up my next finished unit tonight, as I may have a couple of hours spare in which to finish it!
Cheers for indulging me, and for your patience,

- Drax


  1. Actually, sod the pies - I've just noticed all the fun little details in the background of this picture: all the accumulated 'stuff' on Kate's desk!

    - Drax

  2. Um... was that apple and pecan pies? I'm a bit jealous! We did cook out yesterday and grilled some steaks and sausages and vegetables. We even had a peach cobbler, but alas, no pie. We also went to a city funded fireworks display. It was amazing. The 'grand finale' was the most incredible thing I've seen in fireworks. At one point there was a ball of light in the sky about 100 feet across that seemed like the brightest thing I'd ever seen. Except for the smaller 'pops' of light in it as hundreds of smaller even brighter explosions went off inside of it with so much force you could feel it in your chest. Totally cool.

    Anyway, I hope you get a chance to post up your latest unit. My Dire Avengers are just a hair away from being finished so I hope to have an update posted tonight, or tomorrow at the latest too.

    Take care and enjoy the pie!

  3. Dinner was awesome. Kate needs many many congratulations.

  4. I too have a wife who loves to bake, so I feel your joy, sir. My 4th was spent painting Banshees while my wife made a batch of cookies. Best holiday so far ;)

  5. Hear-hear, mate - and thanks for checking out the blog

    ...I like your new improved daemonettes too!

    You're on the links list now - cheers!

    - Drax


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