Sunday, 13 July 2008

026 A/P Squad D

August '09 - NB: Since the new Codex: Imperial Guard, my fire support platoons have been disbanded, and their constituent units re-allocated. In this case, these heavy bolters are now part of 2 'Tactical' Platoon.

About bloody time!

Fifth Edition's out and I finally took the proper photos of these fine fellows. The newly published FAQ document for the Codex: Imperial Guard had some interesting bits in it too, so all-in-all not bad for my last weekend resident in Norwich.

So: here are the more detailed pics of D Coy's 1st (F/Sup) Platoon's heavy bolter section - (also known as "A/P Squad D" - they go with A/T Squad B and A/P Squad C ). The next on the 'to-do' list is the Pl HQ section - with some quite nice models. As for Squad A? - well, I guess I'll explain that one another time...

I quite like the lasgun sling:

Funny how the different light (compare post 025, below) makes the colours show up isn't it?

- Drax.

And yes, I know one of the transfers is a-comin' off. I'll look into it...


  1. Looking good! I'm really liking your heavy weapon squads. Perhaps I'll start shipping my guard off to you for painting...

    Good luck with the move coming up. Hope you aren't off the Guard and off the internet too long.

  2. Nice work. You know, I think Fire Support teams with three heavy bolters are probably my favorite in-game unit. But then again I play against a lot of Tau and Orks. Keep it up!

  3. Nothing -- and I mean nothing! -- says "Guard Lovin'" like heavy weapon teams. :) Good job on these, they look really good!

    P.S.: Love that lasgun sling, too!

  4. Hey I wanted to mention that I really did your Salamander conversion. I have one built. Painting to come... (It's also a double Heavy Bolter)

  5. Thanks for the comments, guys!

    Ian: I'd love to see it - can you pop any pics up on your blog, perchance? I get a surprising number of hits from people looking for salamander images...


    - Drax

  6. I am amazed at your talent... now I am no expert as you know and I have no clue what all the words put together mean.. LOL but I think the finished products that you and Brian have are amazing... Great job!!!

  7. Thank you! And thanks for being patient - I know this hobby of mine would be a terrible 'secret shame' were it not for Kate's support.

    Here's to geekiness, eh?

    - Drax


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