Tuesday, 2 December 2008

064 Pictures With(out) Words - Ad Hoc Gaming

A picture post from Drax.

Ron over at From The Warp, runs monthly challenges for the Blogger's Group. December's is to present a battle report sans mots - mostly to see how well it can be done with images alone.

Now I've a good idea for this, but little time and no opponent, so I thought I'd cheat a little and present the following battle from 4 months ago. The reason it's cheating is because I need to justify its ramshackle appearance...so here goes with my excuses - then I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions:

1) We'd just moved into the new cottage;
2) I wanted to try out the 5th Edition rules;
3) I wanted to try a few different unit types but couldn't find all of them!
4) I wanted to keep it small and simple;
5) I couldn't access my templates or my scenery;
6) It's in the wee hours of the morning, I'm playing myself blue-on-blue, and the photos were only ever intended as a record for my own use. So there.


- Drax


  1. A picture can say a thousand words... Great job mate, it looks very clear and concise.

  2. That is awesome. I especially like the stove tops you used for what I'm guessing are ruins.

    You get my vote for #1

  3. Thanks, all!

    You know what's really sad? It's not that I'd used hob/stove tops for ruins (I do have proper Cities of Death ruins, for reference) - it's that the cottage has a ceramic hob: those are from our old oven! How very, very sad is that combination of events?

    - Drax.

  4. PS: D'you also like the sweet potato, ramekins, tea tin, tape and copy of 'Curious Incident...'?

    Classy, huh?

  5. Real Gentlemen drink Twinnings Tea. non of that yorkshire rubbish.

  6. My wife has just seen all this, and I quote: "Nothing says war like sweet potato and a vegan cookbook".

    That's right folks - it's the most middle class game of impromtu 40K ever! (That comment'll rile my mate if he reads this...)

    - Drax


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