Tuesday 9 June 2009

125 Mortars - "Rounds Complete!"


I can't quite claim it as a 'labour of love', but at last I've finished my first mortar squad:
I'm glad I went for the more scenic bases though - they would've felt awfully exposed on those big ol' bases otherwise.

Here are some different angles for you:
Had I more talent, I might've added some graffiti and more detail to the walls. Details I enjoy include the rifle propped up against the wall and the cable sticking out of the masonry upright. I'm not sure I liked how the rusty metal (front team) come out.

Good news: I've only the following to get finished before the first two full tactical platoons of my newly restructured infantry company are complete:

1 flamer
1 demo charge guardsman (any ideas for a better name?!)
2 melta gunners
1 normal trooper.
Watch this space.


- Drax.


  1. Demolitionist? Demolition expert? Combat engineer? Saper team? Possibilities are endless. ;)

    Where did you get those walls? They look awesome.
    I have way more to be done... Luckily to finish the platoon itself I just need 3 flamers finished... I nearly got them done, but I just got bored of it an hour ago and they're just standing here, sigh.

  2. Thanks, and thanks for the suggestions.

    The walls are just from the Cidies of Death terrain.

    Now get back to those flamers!

    - D.

  3. Looking good, Drax! The one base with the leaning wall looked odd in your original post just because it was a straight-on shot. Now that you've added some other angles we can see the wedge it's propped up against (which is what I assumed was behind the wall) and it looks much less awkward. Funny how photos can make a model look strange from certain angles when it looks just right in person.

    I call the guardsmen carrying demo charges Sappers, m'self. Keep up the great work!

  4. They look great, I like the fact that all of them are similar.

  5. really loving the terrain, Iv ordered a few odds and ends from sets on ebay (from the manufactorum and administatum) but Im going to invest in a box of the Sanctum Imperialis as you have been using here! they just look great Drax!

  6. Good job Admiral, love them and the CoD bases. Look a great addition to your growing force. As for the Demo bloke - what about the nice naval term of a 'Wrecker' - normally a CPO (SNCO) Engineer.

  7. Well done, maybe Guardacide bomber? um... Osama Bin Guardsmen? I could go on but there not going to get any less offencive

  8. Very nice! They have oodles of personality, which is always good...

    I say call him Captain Calm-Down...

  9. Looking good mate, bases look really good.

  10. Great stuff Drax. If you have any questions about real world mortars, I was in the service as an 11-C (Indirect Fire Infantryman) and can answer most questions about them! I really dig the mortar teams and if I ever start an IG army I would HAVE to have some.

  11. They look great! The bases look especially good, nice work with the drybrush.

  12. They look good Drax.

    I thought you might like to see this Stokes Mortar info I found. sure, it's WW1, but the mortars look similar.


  13. Thanks, Chaps!

    I like the idea of a "wrecker", Siph - thanks!

    Peter: Please get back in your box(!)

    Cheers all for the mortar links/comments in particular. Years ago I was asked to command the mortar platoon of the Royal Anglians' TA Coy in Norwich - I've always slightly regretted not taking it, but I was in my last year of Uni, and my wife [now] would not have been happy.


    @ ForPhoenix: Thank you! Just out of interest, mate, how on Earth does the designation "11-C" come about?

  14. drax, have you got any games inusing you're mortar squads recently? would love to know how it went as i have another heavy weapons squad to build and i'm just not sure whether to go fr mortars - the only heavy weapons i havent represented in squads, or another squad of autocannons/lascannons/heavybolters for bolstering the anti meq/ tank/horde side of the army.

    due to the cityfighting side of the army i am quite tempted to say dammit all and go for mortars

  15. I'd love to say they're always brilliant - even against MEQs (it's what suneokun would say, I'm fairly sure)...however, though I often kill marines with them, they do struggle. That said, they have four great advantages:

    1) They're dirt cheap;
    2) The have a very long range from complete cover, and are therfore never a target;
    3) being 'troops' they can hunker down in cover on objectives, and
    4) - most of all - they're such good fun to play with! They really, really are.

    Hope this helps...

    - Drax.


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