Sunday 21 June 2009

129 New Model Army - 1 Platoon

Hey, Crazy Kids.

For those of you who've been kind enough to anticipate these fellows, I've now got the two new, re-worked, re-codexed incarnations of 1 and 2 platoon finished. Hooray! Today I had the chance to take pics of 1 Pl, so here they are. First, the whole platoon, front and rear:
Now B Coy, 2/24th is now a designated 'tactical' company, and 1 and 2 are the 'tactical' platoons, with 3 platoon in more of a support role. The idea is that the company can hold its own - if required to do so - with its own organic fire support; so too can 1 and 2 platoons, although not so much 3 Pl. For a little more discussion and their points cost, please see Post 122. The old version of 1 Pl can be found here.

These, then, are the constituent parts of 1 Pl. NB: Please excuse the more crappy painting - some of these models were painted 6 or 7 years ago, and their flesh tones and eyes are pretty ropey!:
HQ Section:
All of my officers count as being armed with lasppistols and power weapons. Sadly, I've felt the need to replace my old medics with grenade launchers - medics are just too expensive now at platoon level...and I do so love grenade launchers!

1 Section:
The sgt is based on a friend of mine.

2 Section:
3 Section:
'B' Section - missile launchers (click link for more details):
Yes, I know they're not on 60mm bases. I don't plan to put them on any either, but I will get some 50mm or 60mm discs to blu-tac them to if needed.

'C' Section - autocannon (click link for more details):
Ditto with their bases.

'M' section - 2 melta guns and my new demo charge 'wrecker' model:
As usual, each model has an identification 'flash' on the reverse of its base - red for 1 Pl. I find these incredibly useful; here are some details of them for you:
I'll get 2 Pl photographed when I can, though the next post will probably be the pics of my new griffon battery.


- Drax.


  1. Looking mighty fine Drax. I really like your unit flashes on the bases. Might try that myself.

  2. Very nice! Great to see your fellas standing strong. I think you should put every model on a huge table and take a photograph of all of them together to show the might of the Guard!

  3. Ach!

    I did that for Post 100 really I have to do it all over again just because they released a new smegging Codex?

    Oh alright then.

    But I'm afraid it'll be a little while. Probably the start of the summer holiday, actually.

    Now - what on Earth should I focus on next?

    Veterans, charcters and 3Pl, I suppose.

    And more bloody mortars.

  4. *characters.

    I can spell; honest!

    And thanks, Corbane - it's utterly invaluable with 200-odd troops!

  5. I insist you do an updated post. They might even appear different in the light of the new codex! And I mean one huge pic with every member of your force involved. I look forward to it!

  6. Hey, that officer is really looking good. And you sure have a lot of those metal special weapons! And you have a strange friend, is he running around with chainsaws? I'd steer clear.

    Other than that - nice!

  7. Looks good, Drax - I also like the ident flash on the rear of the base of the models. I do that on all my Necromunda figs, and it works out quite well. Keep up the great work!

  8. I commend your labelling of each trooper Drax! After I have the special weapon, heavy weapon, vox and sarge I just count out 5 regular infantry models that are then chucked back in the box as they die (all too soon).
    I am doing the same though with my heavy weapons. They remain as they are as i just don't have the 60mm bases! As I only game casually it's grand.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks, all!

    Why is it that when paraded like that a whole platoon of 53 guys looks like hardly anyone? - If it were a space marine force of 53 it'd look HUGELY overwhelming!

  10. Quantity has a quality all of it's own drax, who needs 53 marines when you can have 200 guard!

  11. So you're concentrating on special weapons in your line squads? I still haven't decided on how to arrange my units, so I can't add unit flashes like yours yet. Right now I'm running all my squads with a plasma gun and ML or AC. That may not be the best option for most games, though, where I may have to move.

  12. Thanks, Jennifer.

    I got rather used to the increased manoevrability of special wpn only squads during the last codex - recently these things have made this particularly tempting:

    1) since the dawn of 5th Edition, the increased importance of objectives makes flexibility key;

    2) the option to 'run' now means that finally IG squads can (sometimes) cover some ground in a useful way;

    3) it's nice to use a 'bring it down' order with three missile launchers rather than one ML and seven poxy lasguns;

    4) You can detail specific targets - usefully - to specific squads. Few things are more frustrating than NOT firing a squad's 8 lasguns on rapid fire just so you can miss a huge great battle tank with a single BS3 missile.

    5) Likewise having to sacrifice a squad's movement just so their gunners can miss a juicy target!

    Mind you, the new version of heavy weapons squads are awfully vulnerable!

    - Drax.


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