Wednesday 5 August 2009

144 Stormtroopers and Self-Build Finished!


The break in the weather has allowed me to finish a few more models: those old-style stormtroopers and my self build (see below).

Well okay, it's not very exciting, as most of you saw the stormies guys a couple of days ago, and they pale into rightful insignificance beside Col. Corbane's Awesomeness but here you'll find them with their bases finished:
Thanks for the kind comments on my previous post about the sergeant and his moustache. He's a simple but pretty characterful model. Here's a few more pics:
If you're wondering about the dedication to GWpertinent, it's because he's running a contest for fun. Now, I've asked to not be put forward for the prize, but it's a classic Ultramarine Captain, so if you fancy a spin of the ol' tombola, then head over to his blog in the next couple of days!

Self Build:

Now, this was a model I made and mostly painted on New Year's Eve last year, for a friendly contest over at Andy's Blog...and true to form I wait eight months before finishing him! In essence, you had to make a 40K representation of yourself, and yes, mine's rather tongue-in-cheek (I wish my jaw was that rugged!) but it's explained in more detail in the post I put up at the time.
It's not superbly painted (I did it by candlelight, for some reason lost to me now), but there are some nice little details and some subtleties lost to almost everyone but me.
The icing on the top though, was the creation of tiny, tiny spectacles. These were made from cross sections of circuit wire insulation, and although it all looks rather garish and terrible in close-up, it all looks convincing enough from a distance in real life. An absolute bugger to make, I can tell you!
Hope all's well, and thanks for reading,
- Drax.


  1. Pretty cool stuff there Drax.
    neat take on the stormtroopers

  2. Thanks for the shout out - I remember when those stormtroopers first came out.

    ps. love the spectacles!

  3. Nice work as always Admiral! I'd almost forgotten about the old beret-wearing stormtroopers. A very cool blast from the past!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Nice miniatures mate! I like the look of those old beret storm-troopers.

  5. First time I have seen those specs up close! Awesome work matey

  6. I think thos stormies are probably as old, if not older than I am... Unsettling.

    In any case, they look great, and so do you... :D

  7. Thanks for the big up mate but I think you storm troopers are excellent. They remind me of the Para's in WW2.

    Where did you get the torsos and arms?

  8. I gotta say I like the character in those old-school Storm Troopers. It's a different kind of stormies than, say, the Kasrkin (which I'm a fan of, in terms of fluff and model). But, the berets and such give them that little edge in character.

    The self-build is neat, and the spectacles...amuse me a bit. Attention to detail, that, though also a pain in the arse to make them, I'd bet.

  9. Duh, they could be as old as I am as well. Eep.

    Spectacles, hah, nifty idea!

    Great work!

  10. Corbane - the models are rather older edition of the stormtroopers, as seen here:


    They were great models, I wish I still had my old ones, though I'll say I really like the Kasrkin miniatures too...

  11. great work on the self build drax, and the stormies look wicked too

  12. They are great self build storm trooper.

    Sis they take long?

  13. Cheers,

    The stormtroopers are just old models - I stuck a couple of melta guns onto two of them.

    The 'self-build' is a converted plastic Cadian with Forgeworld upgrades. Details here:

  14. "144 Stormtroopers and Self-Build Finished!"

    Thanks for sharing

  15. 144 Stormtroopers and Self-Build Finished!

    These have been really well built and detailed

    Thanks for sharing

  16. I will get my hands on them pesky Old storm Troopers one day.Classic look.nice job


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