Saturday 15 August 2009

148 Painting Chart - Progress Tracking


Well, I did one of these almost a year ago, but here's a new (and new codex) version of my painting progress chart, outlining my force, with what's done and what's left to do:
It's looking far, far healthier than it did!

There are - of course - models left out; mostly the great unwanted, including ogryns, rough riders, high command, self-build and loads of spare troops with various different weapons options, but this really is the bulk of my force as it stands.

Edit: Sentinels! Ach! I knew I'd forgotten something! Two are finished and two are W-i-P. Damn.

If anyone's wondering, my lack of technical prowess obliged me to craft this on MS Excel, then use the ubiquitous MS Paint to format the file as a JPEG. It makes for a nice visual!

- Drax.


  1. You delete the colors, and you'd get a TO & E out of that, too.

    'sides, Excel is an AWESOME tool. Works for army-building as I'm not a huge fan of Army Builder. Mostly, it's being cheap.

    I am a bit amused that you've got the Baneblade as a huge square, and not surprised it's hardly done. I mean, unless you play Apocalypse a lot, there's just not a lot of call for one. It's how many points for the tank, again?

    Luck on the painting. Then again, there are some of the unwanted, like the Ogryn, that just get shafted. I want to like the Ogryn, but for the cost, a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield termiantor just cleans them up.

    At least it makes things easier when it comes to prioritizing the paintjobs.

  2. Seems to be going good, most things painted!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Damn Drax, you can tell you're a teacher - lol

    Cracking work on getting this force finished, it won't be long now mate.

    Keep going and keep posting matey.

  4. Amazing idea this chart... I'm half tempted to follow the example you set here. Awesome organization skills!

  5. Hot damn sir, your beauraucratic (sp?) abilities are astounding. I think the Adeptus Munitorum might be visiting you on their next recruiting drive...

  6. That's impressive, I need to build a chart like this for an upcoming project I have... I'm afraid it will kill me though to see what exactly I have to paint.

  7. Really cool, Drax! I really need to do something like this--or finalize it, anyway. I always have it in my head what I want to have for my 'complete' IG force, but I never seem to organize it completely on paper. Now I might have to.

  8. Me 2, I really like the chart. I hope it helps you feel motivated to keep painting!

  9. Cheers, All,

    Dead useful at a glance, and it only took me about 30 minutes.

  10. Looks quite useful- I'm going to have to adapt it for my own use. Eventually would like to have the complete 3rd Company of the Dark Angels.

  11. Hey Drax,

    That is so very useful! Do you mind if I put something like this on my blog to track my progress?

  12. Please do! It's always a pleasure to spread the love.

  13. Just wanted to let you know I followed your lead and posted my own (and cited your site). Thanks again!

  14. Just wanted to give you a heads up I posted one on my blog as well. Forgot who's blog I found it on... Now that I found you again I'm going to cite you properly.


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