Thursday, 20 May 2010

198 Hydra - Almost There!

Hey, All,

If you caught my last post, you'll know that I decided - on something of a whim - to try to make a quick and simple conversion of a Hydra from the 'Aegis' defence line, using as few other components as possible. Here's what I've got now (NB: the hull is that of my Wyvern):
I have to say, I'm pretty chuffed with how it's turned out. From this:
[image stolen from]

Through this:
And this:
To this:
Other than the Aegis kit, I used a Bic Crystal biro (pen) the hatch from a vehicle, two bits of plasticard and four paperclips. I'll do a 'how-to' in the near future if there's any interst, as I kept some pics and I made some sketches.

Any thoughts/advice, please?

- Drax.

PS: Today, I went along to a GCN gaming club. Scary. Only one more post before the group shot now, too!


  1. This is awesome, I will put in a request for said "how to" although I think I have an idea already.
    I would likely have used brass or aluminium tube for the barrel extensions but it is a good idea to use what you have handy.
    One question, as I am not at home atm, does the hatch neatly fit in the top circle mount?

    I was thinking of making a swappable magnetised top set for a chimera/hellhound/hydra combo kit when I get a chance but was still thinking of the hydra part.
    Kudos for the inspiration.

  2. Ooh GCN, very swanky! How'd that go? Did you get a game in?

  3. Fab!

    Seen lots of conversions using the Aegis Defence Line but few of them have gone to the lengths you have, literally, with extending the Autocannon out on them.

    I second the 'How To' request.

  4. The extended barrels are a neat idea.

  5. Fantastic, Drax! I'll definitely have to follow suit, I have a couple of those autocannons lying around - The extended barrels are key to the conversion, I've seen some similar conversions without that step and the guns just don't look scaled right when compared to the central housing. I'm really looking forward to the group shot!

  6. Drax mate, you are my converting idol because of this!

    the amount of people simply jamming the aegis gun onto a chimera makes me fume lol, you made the effort to extend the barrels (a big one for me - its the reason it has a 72" range) and the proper targeting system module turret, the reason it has the targeting array special rule.

    looking awesome!

  7. Sweet build mate. One of the best I've seen using the Aegis Defense Line set.

  8. Very smart. The previous posters are right - the extended barrels and targeting array turn it from gopping to Geppard.

    Bravo, etc.

  9. Thanks, everyone! I'll try to put together a very short and simple 'how to'.

    @ Da_Sub: You're right of course - I should've used metal rod, but I was experimenting, and I was honestly seeing if I could do it on the cheap. As for the hatch in the top? No: the circle's too big - I glued some plasticard beneath it in, then stuck the hatch onto that.

    @ Soundwave: No. Still a bit scared, but I'll go back and hope to get a game.

    @ Vredesbyrd & John Lambshead: Cheers. I'd seen a handful of other attempts, but I hadn't realised so many hadn't extended the barrels. A pity: even with my basic attempt it was pretty damned easy.

    @ Hessler: Thanks

    @ Mordian 7th: Cheers - I'm looking forward to it too, though I've not yet told Mrs. Drax that I'll be stealing the table one day soon...

    @ TSINI: very kind words indeed, Sir. Thank you.

    @ oni: thanks!

    @ Zzzzzz: I love the word 'gopping'. Thanks!

    - Drax.

  10. Count me as a big supporter of the extended barrels. Even though I got an Aegis kit to try this, I wasn't sold on the conversions I've seen. This one's a seller.

    A how to would be a plus, when you get the time.

  11. Fantastic! I'll just echo everyone else's comments and say the longer barrels really make the conversion for me! Great work!

    Nicely building up to the big 200 as well! Looking forward to the big picture!

  12. I like the lengthened barrels! Looks like great minds think alike, eh?

  13. Hmm, I thought I commented on this the other day - apparently not! Great conversion, I'm not a fan of sticking an Aegis Defense Line battery straight on the hull (it looks a little weedy IMO) so I'm pleased to see you've made the turret a bit chunkier - it looks fantastic!

  14. Thanks, Guys.

    I've just been working on the 'how to' bit for posterity, but I need to scan my planning notes before I can post it. Probably tomorrow.

    - D.


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