Monday, 14 February 2011

248 Radio Silence

Hey Dudes,

Sorry for the lack of updates and comments of late: alas, Real Life has been getting in the way.


Here's a pic of a bunch of my ol' mates piling on a 105 Light Gun to cheer you up. cheer me up, really:
Hope all's well in Blogland...

- D.


  1. Stupid real life! >.<
    You mean you didn't have any time for painting/gaming or you don't even have time to write an editorial style post?

  2. Life keeps me busy as well. I try to set aside a tiny bit of time at least every other day, but it doesn't always work out. Persevere my friend. We'll still all be here and ready when you post a blog. If it makes you feel better, you've written 248 blogs and I've written 99... you only started a month before me! So whatever pace you're setting, your leaving me in the dust!

    Hmmm. I guess that makes my next blog number 100. I'll have to find something festive to blog about... now the pressure is on...

  3. Cursed Real Life(tm) interfering with the important stuff eh? Completely understandable of course - hope you get some free time soon. That's a great pic - I really see how your guard army ties it all together. Seems to me the next obvious project would be to recreate that picture in 40k scale, perhaps a themed basilisk emplacement!

  4. Correction to my last post. My next blog will be number 94... how pathetic am I!?!

  5. Hope you're enjoying time with the young girl & wife... that makes RealLife bearable. Eagerly awaiting your next dispatch!

  6. Thanks, Guys!

    >Antipope: not much of anything, I'm afraid, mate.

    >Geek: Huzzah for your hundredth...oh...wait. Still: it's all good quality comin' out of Texas there...

    >Mordian: that. would. be. awesome.

    >Loquacious: Daily I lament that I failed to enter your competition. Boo.

    PS: I'm the one toward the right by the breech, with my arm cocked back as if for a punch and the rammer about to be brought down upon my skull.


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