Saturday, 26 February 2011

250 Painting Across the Pond - Drax Edition Pt II

Hey, Folks.
It's the belated second installment of 'Painting Across the Pond', my transatlantic painting collaboration with The Inner Geek.

I've failed to make any progress, alas, on the female Guardsman, but I have put base coats on the Ogryn Bone'ead. I know it looks ropey at the moment, but it'll get better yet, I promise! Not helped in any way by the fact that the weather was so dire the autoflash went off even though I was outside!
This is really going to be an exercise in me practising some new techniques: I'm going to have a play with flesh tones (especially the musculature) and stubble...but for now I know it looks pretty damned basic. One thing I did want to have a play with was a different camouflage pattern on the trousers, but having done so, then checked the style of The Inner Geek's Guardsmen, I realised that (a) he goes in for a lot of light brown leather accoutrements, and (b) the orangey colour of the pattern I'd chosen would clash too much.
So, I added dashes of black to the pattern, and it'll be darkened more yet with some shading. I'm also adjusting the brown of the leather straps a bit more.
I've also made a tentative start on edge-highlighting the armour plates like the Geek does, but mine look rather too stark at the moment.
I will, of course, add a couple of Draxian touches in due course...
Be sure to check out the (doubtless awesome) stuff that The Inner Geek's been doing to the miniature I sent him: I'm almost salivating at the prospect! He'll be posting at some point today too.


  1. So far so good mate. How did you fill in the cracks in the ogryn after putting him together? I still need to decide on milliput or green stuff before making any of mine in the future..

  2. I think he's coming along great! Now I just need to get my half of this blog up. Damn short days of only 24 short hours!


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