Saturday, 21 May 2011

264 Four-Way Combat Patrol Clash


This post's been a long time coming and - like most of my recent posts - will doubtless NOT be formatted properly. Bloody blogspot. It's my interpretation of the fun and frolics we had at Zzzzzz's place a fortnight ago...the first game, that is - not the apocalypse game. Here 'tis:

Combat Patrol Doubles Clash 07/05/11

4x400pt IG forces –Karitas and Drax defending fixed Loyalist positions, with Zzzzzz and Soviet Space as the attaking Rebel PDF

Overall Summary:

After days of waiting in prepared fortified positions, first sight of the rebel scum made Lt Woolpack see red, so he immediately took the brave and fearless decision to order his men to leave their nice safe trenches and walk slowly down the open glacis slope towards them – forgetting even to run!

The embedded Elysian sniper team had called their elite reserves in, but they were a long time coming, leaving both snipers and allies to the onrushing local PDF – the ‘Tigers’.

Facing only piecemeal resistance on their flank, the lead squad of the Tigers leapt down into the salient bay of the trench and fought their way through the autocannon squad before also destroying the stalwart mortars. Lt Woolpack arrived too late to save them, but after a fight he did at least cleanse the rebel scum from the trenches.

Strangely, their steely march forward in steady, disciplined lines enabled 1, 2 and 3 section – over the course of the skirmish – to rout the entirety of Soviet Space’s force, for overall platoon losses of about 30%.

The Elysian valkyrie, veterans and stormtroopers finally turned up and cleaned out the last of Zzzzzz’s PDF, leaving just Harker and two others.

Good Bits:

The 24th’s ill-advised yet disciplined and amazingly successful slow advance in straight lines over skylined open ground; Soviet Space’s very patient CHQ missile launcher hits the valkyrie and removes a rocket pod; Zzzzzz’s ‘Feather Duster’ Tigers (Catachan PDF) assault and destroy both my heavy weapons squads in turn; my 1 section’s Sgt ‘Hans’ walks his squad right up to the enemy commander and makes him run off; On turn four I realise there’s an objective that I was supposed to have been pursuing. Oops.
Thanks to all who took part - it was a blast! Sorry for the time it's taken me to get this posted...

- Drax.


  1. I have a tendency to forget the objective as well.

    Looks like a fun game.


  2. That's an interesting table, the trenches were a terrain feature?

  3. Hal'jin, the trenches are another half arsed nearly finished project. If you find the post about this fight on my blog, you can see the terrain quite well (cos there are no little men on the table).

    Drax, nice report. Good to see the pictures.

  4. Feeling slightly dejavu ... the maps and the photo's helped ... I needed the play split into sides as there was a healthy mix of Tigers killed mine, Zzzzzz Elysians killed them ... is Z on your side? Anyway - nice work.

    8/10 - Must try harder, teach. LOLz.

  5. Yeah, sorry Suneokun: there's a reason I don't tend to post battle reports!

    All is explained, but...well, y'know. Sorry for the paucity of pics too, guys.

    The bottom line was: it was a bloody fun game and the precursor to a bloody amazing one!

    Thanks for sticking with me.


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