Monday, 30 May 2011

265 Taking Stock and New Projects

Hi All - here is the news:

1) Work pressure has just eased massively*;

2) I've actually been getting some painting done on the Inner Geek's Ogryn once more, and

3) I've started a new project, the rationale for which follows anon...

The new project is simple and born of frustration. The thought process went like this: (1) I've almost finished my Guard, whichever way you look at it; (2) I really want something new to build; (3) Money's really tight, so I honestly cannot justify spending more than a few quid on anything at all hobby-related, so a valkyrie (for example) would be right out; (4) GW seem to be bumping prices yet again (5) I'd quite like to get into another (small, self-contained) system, but see point 3 above, and no-one else plays them (yet); (6) What can I buid? (7) More scenery? (8) No - I never ever play at home, so that's pointless. I could donate some to the club, but then I'm losing money which I can ill-afford to a club that doesn't really need it (9) Can I build something out of bitz or plasticard? (10) Hmmm...

Hmmm... After some sketching, which I may reproduce in a future post, I came up with some ideas for a dead-simple-to-build-and-reproduce, characterful and cheap-as-chips solution: a decidedly blocky 'landing craft'-type assault vehicle!

Here's the very rough initial cardstock mock-up, with only one track mounting. The idea is that there's a separate engine inside each of the track cowlings (what - are GW going to pick me up on vehicular 'realism'?!):

By the way, if you're interested, the floor space is 3x4" (less 2 square inches for the driver/pilot's cabin) which leaves space enough to physically carry 10 Guard infantry models.

I'm looking forward to building this out of plasticard - I think I'll shell out for some 'treadplate' texture for the floor and ramp.

Do please let me know any thoughts,

- Drax.

*For those in the UK, I'm head of year 11 at my school and they just left!


  1. Grand idea. There was a beach landing scenario for the fantasy albion campaign but it would work much better in a 40k setting! Looks the part, chimera track shape-esque. I guessed what it was from the pic before I read any text. Look forward to seeing your progress!

  2. I'm pretty sure that both the Chimera & Rhino's engine units are inside the track units as well.

  3. very nice idea, i shall watch with great interest. i always wanted to make some landing craft for the old WD beach assault mission but my skills were not up to it back then.

  4. very cool, can't wait to see a finalised version.

  5. Interesting stuff, Drax! I really like the idea, looking forward to seeing the next steps - keep up the great work!

  6. D-day 40k style: try this classic from Arcadia Prime:

    Nice concept - shame I won't see your bespectacled self at Blogwars...

  7. I'm scratch building too! Great minds, eh Drax?

    It looks promising so far. I can't wait to see more of it. What are your plans for treads?

  8. I still intend to take you up on your offer.

    I'm guessing now that a slack handful of sundry vehicle bitz and tracks might help things along ?

  9. Wow - thanks for the support and encouragement, chaps!

    > Geek: I'm looking forward to the next of your titanic installments! And as for the treads, Zzzzzz is right: one thing I have plenty of is IG tank treads, so I'll be having a play with some in just a few minutes.

    I may decide against the pink-and-white cereal box the next time I do a card mock-up, though...

    - Chris.

  10. Hey Drax,

    I look forward to see how the scratchbuild turns out. The cool thing about scratchbuilds is that you find one thing leads to another, and you pick up new skills along the way.


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