Sunday, 22 January 2012

294 Playing Favourites - Chain Post?

This is an idea I got from Big Lee's Miniature Adventures - I'd be delighted if others took-up the torch to shed the light on what we do and share a bit more...

Wargames Period: 40k primarily, but of late I've been getting into Flames of War, and I'm slowly building up a small British Late War force; probably 11th Armoured Bde.

Scale: See above. It's interesting to start painting's made me realise just how tatty some of my brushes are.

Rules: I used to love playing D&D v3.5 - not only were the rules great fun, they were also beautifully presented. As a general rule I firmly believe that 40k rules are an absolute crock, and I get annoyed at how boring IG have come to be if they're not played for fun. I still try to play for fun! As for FoW? Man, I just fell in love with those rules!

Boardgame: Probably Settlers of Catan. If you haven't played it, do so. Some great friends of mine introduced me to it a while back. I re-wrote it for a 2-player version too.

Figure Manufacturer: Games Workshop/Forge World. I've been tempted by the likes of Malifaux and Infiniti, but I've had no hands-on experience of either, so I couldn't say for sure. As for Warmahordes stuff? - well, I hear the rules are great, but I simply can't stand the aesthetic.

Metal/Hard Plastic: Well, this sets me apart from most gamers of my generation: I can't stand metal minis.

Club: The singularly superb Cross-Swords gaming club in Plymouth, UK. They meet now in the even more awesome Giant's Lair - 'The South West's Premier Wargaming Centre' and the array of friendliness, sportsmanship and scenery on offer there never ceases to amaze me. And the burgers are ace. And they have Vimto on tap. Win.

Opponent: I suppose - if anyone - then it's my old pal Mike the Merciless. He's a great guy and unbelievably lucky with dice. Wish I got to play him more often...

Film: Zulu. Any questions?

Book: I don't read fantasy (never could stand badly made-up words and over-exposition) so probably Band of Brothers, by Stephen E Ambrose. The epilogue made me cry.

Art: Meh - fantasy art is usually a turn-off for me. I did enjoy the work Mark Gibson used to have in the 2nd Edition 40k rulebooks.

The Interweb: Anyone reading this far probably knows what I follow. No forums and nice folks only. I've met some lovely, lovely people through this blog, and if I've given one thing back, then I guess it's the Excel Painting Chart.

Anyone fancy doing this yourself? I'd love to read it...

- Chris.


  1. Cool list!

    However I am surprised you don't like any fantasy/sci-fi novels. Not even Lord of the Rings or Isaac Asimov or Philip K. Dick and the such?

  2. Fantasy = no.
    Sci-fi can be okay. I like the more 'literary' end of the scale, for example, HG Wells and Robert A. Heinlein ('Stranger in a Strange Land' is superb), and I enjoy dystopian fiction, which certainly crosses-over into sci-fi, but fictional fluff tie-ins from almost any game system are usually dire.

    I did read an Abnett book which was tolerable, mind...

    Tolkien is right out, by the way. I respect his imagination, but his prose is unbearable!

    Thanks for reading, mate.

  3. I may have a go at this some time this week, just one question, do i have to include the vimto pic in my post? oh and Have space suit will travel and The moon is a harsh mistress are my fave Heinlein books.

  4. Thanks, mate!

    And no - the Vimto is simply in honour of finding it on tap at the club.

    And to confuse my American cousins.


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