Sunday, 29 January 2012

296 On the Painting the moment

Hullo, All,

Just to reassure you that I am painting again despite the parlous state of The Shed and the lack of updates...and this is what I am reduced to - I keep all my paints and brushes in an old biscuit tin and scrape a place on the dining table to paint by desklamp:

If you're wondering why I might be painting Catachans (and evil, twisted, traitor scum Catachans at that) it's because I'm painting them up for Zzzzzz over at Devos IV.

Next on the painting list is some of my new heavy support...but I've another two squads of traitorscummortars to get finished first.

- Drax.


  1. Not to be a nit picker Drax but clean out your paint water more often while painting - that stuff looks well used and in need of a refresh.

    And unclutter some of your workspace - you must be tripping all overyourself working in that cramped spot.

    Otherwise, crack on - any time on hobby is good hobby.

    And I chuckled when I saw the Skull White upside down - I used to do that with the old style pots (the twist top) when it started getting gluggy and hard and needed to be 'refreshed'.

  2. Thanks, mate!

    The water looks so filthy because (a) I'd just rinsed a brush free of Devlan Mud, and (b) the corgi was fast asleep on my foot, and I couldn't bring myself to disturb him.

    As for the workspace? I take what I can get. The cottage is pretty small, so when it's messy it's cramped too.

    Cheers for looking out for me though!

  3. Haha - corgy indeed. I know what that dog experience is like - just had our not so little German Shepherd fall asleep against my lower legs - they are cute when their quiet like that (or at least snoring softly to themsleves) it is hard to move and wake them.

    Keep at it Drax - its always a pleaure to stop by your little part of the web.

  4. Filthy? That's positively drinkable compared to mine!! lol I only use an old camera film canister of water (for transportation purposes) which gets dirty with every brush wash

    just push through it chums!

    been great seeing all your collaboration goodness Drax


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