Tuesday, 7 February 2012

297 Three 1500pt Mixed Lists

Hullo All,

Here's three versions of a general 1500pt list in reverse order. The most recent is what I played with last week - a cracking game against some Chaos space marines which I lost after a good scrap. Please note, this is the only list in which I ever use 'chimeltavets'...out of principle.

Elements of these variants are interchangeable, but some go better with other bits. For example, the Company Commander is useful with all the heavy weapons, but the Primaris Psyker works well riding with the Str6 grenade launcher vets in the chimera. In the most recent game, I tried the bane wolf in lieu of my normal hellhound - it worked well against the filthychaosscum marines.

Hope all's well,

- D.

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