Wednesday, 7 March 2012

302 Drax Presents...The Painting Chart

Dear Readers,

If there's only one thing I'm proud of from the last three years of blogging, it's the creation of the Painting Chart. I know many other bloggers have taken it on and made it their own, and I'm delighted to note that I still get an email about every three or four weeks asking me about it, so I'm very grateful to those who have been kind enough to give credit.

I'm always happy to share the files and my experience using them, and I love seeing what others do with it!

Please find below the most recent version, followed by the one from the original first post, back in August '09:

Keep on bloggin', folks!

- Drax.

PS: The 'Painting Charts' label, below, will take you to my most recent update.


  1. Mmm.. looking like a good idea.. and I have a force that needs some TLC over the next couple weeks. Might have to do this up also :) Will send you the link when its finished!

  2. I can't begin to imagine having that much to paint. Holy cow.

    I guess you have to have a chart like this or something similar don't you? It helps you keep your sanity and shows you the smaller increments of progress so you don't lose hope with such a large undertaking.

    Ron, FTW

  3. Great idea, I had similar thoughts to yours but nowhere near as well organised, I'm going for a proper electronic version like this now I think. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. As soon as I saw your painting chart I new I had to have one! I can be about as disorganised as you can imagine... which is odd consdiering that I am quite anal!

    We are neat and tidy, in our house. But I am neat, and my wife is tidy! (in short, I line everything up in parallels and right angles, and then she chucks it all in a cupboard!)

    I found that the chart not only helps keep track of painting progress but also helps provide a living inventory of everything you have in your army! This can also be a very useful tool when you come to write army lists (particularly ones that differ greatly from your usual ones!)

    I set up a complete page on my block to record my painting charts for my full range of armies. So far, I have only put up and been working on the IG one... But I am soon to post up the one for my Tau army. Unfortunately it is probably no less expansive or ambitious!

    So, thanks again!

  5. Thanks, chaps!

    Ron, you are completely right. And I'm not even one who particularly enjoys painting, either. Oh, the bitter, bitter, easily-avoidable irony of it all.

    If anyone would like a copy of the MS Excel file I use, just pop me an email and I'll pop one out to you. Save you some donkey-work, maybe.

    - D.

  6. Erm... FYI, the anonymous chap is me. not quite sure wh it done that?? the IE i use at work is messing up my commenting it seems.

  7. Random update on my site, showing the chart, or my version of it..

    Thanks for this.. credit given where credit is due..

    1. Finished my painting chart, and think its time to create another one :) Very effective to see what has to be worked on, and to chart progress.

      Can check out the start/finish of the project here:

      Thanks again for this, and will set up one for the Daemons next :)

  8. Ha !

    I sneer at your organisational prowess. What need have I of such a feeble device ? I will rule the world(s) when my armies are completed....

    [Just a note for everyone else - Admiral Drax has seen in my garage and knows full well that some sort of progress check would be the only thing to manage my plastic crack habit.]

  9. Great stuff; thanks...and I like your painting, Mr. Lee!

    Zzzzzzz, it'd take Al Capone's accountant to keep track of your plastic mountain...

  10. Hey Drax

    In case you care, I've got mine permanently setup on my website, linking back to your original post, I can update it to this one if you want:

    Always has and always be a great idea you had!

  11. Of course I care! (In a good way.)

    Cheers, Andy.

  12. Hi there, little admiral!

    I am going to use you "Chart" for my upcoming army. I figured out that this chart, same as my blog, will keep me motivated to not to slack and actualy make something rather than just following other blogs.

    Here is a link for my blog, the chart isn't there yet but it will be quite soon:

  13. hope you don't mind that i've called you little admiral, its couse of orkz a lot bigger that normal human :P

  14. Pijamas, you are entirely welcome!

    Good luck with the blog...

  15. Hiya Drax

    Thanks again for sending over those template examples; finally got round to putting my chart together. Now posted on my Blog The Veil's Edge, here's a link to the post with due credit Blood Drinkers Strike Force.

    As you can see I've got quite a bit of work to do so Tempus Fugit!


  16. Drax, Sorry am I being really dumb, can you download this from your blog? If not could I possibly get a copy of the excel sheet to do my own?

  17. No, mate - sorry, but I've no idea how to put it up as a download.

    I would, however, be delighted to share the Excel file with you: just drop me an email (my email address is on my profile, so just click my name, above) and I'll send it by return.


    - Chris.

  18. thanks for sharing this usefull your post,same again writing you blog post


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