Sunday, 18 March 2012

303 Snipers Redux

Hullo All,

I'm embarking on a long-tem process to streamline my blog a little, so I figured I'd start today. Basically, I want to limit the unwieldy 'Posted Units' list on the right to the bare essentials. It needs updating, and I use it a lot for my own reference too, so there'll be a string of posts covering old ground to enable me to re-catlogue the content of this blog and weed out some of the older 4th Ed or old codex stuff.

Behold - my snipers (some better painted than others):
They're actually in two parts - there's a squad of 6 which can use the 'Ratling' rules, and there are 4 who are fielded as veterans with the Company Commander sometimes. Their camo is more 'urban' than 'temperate woodland', and they're the four kneeling either side of centre.

Here's their old post, and here's a [badly-photographed] tutorial I did a long time ago on painting their camouflage.


- Drax.


  1. A little Spring Cleaning never hurt.
    And those guys look spot on as always.

    Ron, FTW

  2. cool looking snipers, will they be seeing action soon?

  3. Thanks, chaps.

    I actually play them with the Company commander fairly frequently. Usually they're about as much use as an elevator in an outhouse, but last game they killed some Nurgle demon or somesuch.


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