Tuesday, 23 November 2010

237 Blogging in the World of Drax


I exchanged a brief email with Col Corbane the other day, and – amongst other things – I noted that our particular corner of the blogosphere has changed somewhat in the last year or so; maybe in the last year-and-a-half. Here are some of my thoughts on blogging since May '08… Where did it start?

Well, when I started blogging, many of the other blogs that I was aware of were relatively basic and relatively disparate. They were also fewer and further between. Now there are blogs everywhere, and most have the good wit to be affiliated to one of the ‘hubs’, like BoLS or the excellent From the Warp.

For those of you unaware, there was a moment when Ron almost stopped FtW, and I believe that would’ve been a sad loss. As it stands, I’m sure he’ll forgive me embarrassing him by noting the superb way in which he binds our corner of the web together. Kindness to strangers and generosity of time are two of the things which make this such an enjoyable way to waste time on the internet.

There were a number of fellow bloggers who were very encouraging in the early days, not least the early ‘Flylords’ over at BoLS. BigRed seems a personable chap, and I enjoyed being allied to the BoLS Alliance, but – alas – I found the hosted ads during the US presidential campaign rather distasteful. Not the Flyboys’ fault, but not something I didn’t want to be linked to.

I was blogging for a month before I got my first comment – from Brian over at See My Inner Geek, and then (like many bloggers) I spent months chasing comments and blog traffic. With fewer blogs about though, it was easy, and a rather rewarding validation of my holiday time.

How did things start to change?

Mostly, things with my blog started to change when I got bored of (grew out of?) chasing comments. I realised that the blog was becoming simply a means of logging my work and – just as importantly – tracking my progress. This was helped by life changes too, like moving across the country and getting a new job. Moving away from my very occasional games also forced me to focus more on the [painfully slow] completion of my Imperial Guard.

A lack of funds helps, too!

It’s probably worth noting that new IG Codex fired a bit of life into the old girl, too.

Where am I now?

Now I’m increasingly aware that my blog is something of a dinosaur. The format is basic, the content unglamorous and my miniatures rather quotidian. The good news is that despite all of this – and despite the Technicolor temptations of newer, shinier blogs – I have a core of readers who still seem to enjoy my work and (apparently) 180 followers: thank you, followers. It’s startling to think that 180 strangers in the world are even remotely interested in my ramblings. Cheers.

I’m not likely to change. There’s a chance, I suppose, that I may at one point cease: I certainly don’t imagine I’ll be doing this in a few years’ time – real life or Mrs Drax may yet put the kybosh on that.

The most recent thing to give my hobby some new energy is of course the fact that I finally joined a gaming club – a very friendly and welcoming place where I’ve enjoyed a series of great games, on great tables against great opponents.

Finally, why do I keep doing it?

I enjoy it.

I love the fact that I’ve managed to meet up with stalwarts like Col Gravis, Suneokun and TSINI – and what absolutely cracking chaps they are! Hell, I even managed to get a surprise game in with Suneokun, and some fish and chips too.

In addition to this, a number of other bloggers have been immensely generous; immensely – both with words and with material. I have, for example, had a number of freebies sent through to me, including bits, miniatures and (in one case) enough parts to make my most recent salamander conversion. Thanks to (among others) Col. Corbane, Zzzzzz, Fallen 73rd and Kevin (or The Other Kevin – I for get which, I’m afraid).

For those of you unaware, my 'Admiral Drax' header at the top there was in fact created gratis by Suneokun: top bloke.

Most important of all though, are the relationships I’ve been able to strike up. Readers and fellow bloggers have been absolutely great, and the comments after I posted about the birth of my little baby daughter last year were indicative of the marvellous spirit there is out there. Now I'm also pleased to be on a wavelength with the likes of Col. Hessler, Hal'Jin, Rasmus Olesen, Loquacious, The Antipope and Rogue Pom (amongst others).

Kind words; kind people.


- Chris.


  1. Well I'm honored too- you're a fine chap and a great resource. I appreciate how kind you've been to a gal like me =)

  2. Brilliant "Off topic" post. I certainly know what you mean about comment chasing. It's great to know that someone else is reading what you are writing and that they found it interesting enough to say something about it.

    Especially when it's not spam!

    You know I think you've skirted around one of the big things about hobby blogging though. The sense of community. I've heard it called the blogosphere, whatever it is, it's good to be part of it.

    Running a blog takes time and effort and can be a frustrating experience just as much as it is a rewarding one.

    Thanks for posting. Keep it up.

  3. It was blogs like yours that inspired me when I first started out, and I hope you keep it up and don't lose heart. As one who has felt the ups and downs of the blogosphere (especially recently...) I think it's important that we remember that these things are for ourselves and our mental health as much as they are to connect to the community at large.

    Lastly, your miniatures are far from quotidian, as anyone who clicks through can see. I'm glad you're here, and I hope you stay.

  4. One of the things I admire about many of my fellow 40K bloggers is the link we all seem to share. Even though some of us might not be posting as much, we still check out what everyone else is doing and it feels like a genuine community.

    Cheers, mate!

  5. If it wasn't for your blog (amongst a number of others) in the early days, I don't think I'd have kept at it either to be honest :)

    And I agree: there's lots of excellent FtW members out there that make up a good community.

  6. Like #2501, yours was one of the blogs that inspired to start mine. And I am glad that you have not got caught up in the glitz and hype of trying to make your blog more attractive as at the end of the day I come here to read the posts and check out the high quality of your work.

    Keep it up and long live the Admiral!

  7. I think your really hit the nail right on the head. The faster i realized i where writing the blog for myself as a way to keep a log on stuff i did, the easier it got to have a blog. I think many people are stressing to much about their blogs instead of using it as a mean of relaxing and destressing.

    That being said, i to have enjoyed the blogging community immensely since i started my blog. Debates, feedback and friendships are amongst a few of many great rewards of having your own blog.

    Your blog have many a times inspired me like many others and i hope you will continue your blog for us and your own sake for many years to come!

    yours sincerely Ras

  8. I discovered your blog just a few days ago, and i'm reading it now
    It is wonderful, ant it seems a nice blog to me.
    I understand you, wife and children are first, but the little time they leave to us, we enjoy our hobbie.
    I have a little blog too, sorry it is in spanish, and it would be nice if you could comment my poor works.
    Sorry about my english and thanks for you fantastic blog.

  9. I forget telling you the name of my blog.
    and the link
    Thanks again

  10. Very moving post Admiral, even for a guy who's only been following your blog for a few months. I've been active on warhammer forums for a few years now but since I switched to blogging my online hobby experience became much much better. I almost look exclusively on blogs these days for tactics, army builds and general hobby tips.

    I am impressed by your resilience and determination. I get side-tracked by new armies and projects all the time. It's inspiring to see a person sticking to his favourite army and managing to produce such a high quality and quantity miniatures.

  11. Good post. Blogs by their very nature are going to change, sometimes in appearance, sometimes in content. You have to blog about what you're interested in, and if that changes, so be it.

    Whichever way your blog goes, I'll tag along, because you seem to be a kindred spirit in terms of what interests you.

  12. Yours was the blog that made me decide to do my own. I enjoy your blog and it's only gotten better over the years!

  13. I'm not technically a follower because I lack a blog of my own, but I've been lurking and occasionally commenting here for some time, and I have to say I really appreciate the job you do, Admiral. Your love of the hobby and the game is evident in every single post, and I greatly empathize with your lack of ability to get out and play very often. I, myself, can only get out once a month to game with my club.

    Also, I'm glad you haven't gone all glitzy like a lot of other blogs. Your simple format is easy to read and easy to follow. It's proof that you don't need bells and whistles. At the end of the day, you have good, solid CONTENT, and that's what matters. Thank you.

  14. The times, they are a changing matey. I've got to say, it was your blog that inspired me to get into blogging, and thanks for being my first commenter!

    I'm surprised to hear you say that you don't think you'll be blogging in a couple of years, why mate?

  15. You were my first ever comment.

    "Quotidian". Nice. They'll love that on site tomorrow.

  16. Thank you very much, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Cousins!

    I'm very glad to have provided some help and the occasional spark to some of you, and I'm grateful for the kind comments.

    I promise I'll do what I can to keep posting - I fear my comment may have sounded rather more defeatist than I intended to!

    -> Cylde: Many thanks for taking the trouble to comment in English, and although I can't read Spanish, I love your modelling and painting. Check out Mastodontica, guys!

    Sorry for the delay in replying - here's to more from the lot of us!

  17. I will echo many of the other comments posted already mate and say that it was the likes of yourself, Ron (FTW), The Inner Geek and the old BoLS that really pushed me into this medium with your work on the blog.

    What your blog demonstrated was that everyone can have a crack at it no matter where we lived, or how involved in the different aspects of the hobby we were. What mattered was we could each show off our own little corner of the hobby.

    I've watched blogs come and go, some growing into little fiefdoms of their own, others just chugging along with sporadic updates. At the end of the day it all adds up to be make the 'blogosphere' a living, breathing community, irrespective of a particular blogs size, number of followers or glitzy backgrounds.

    It doesn't matter how often you post, or how schmick a picture is, your participation in the community is what counts.

    So heres a tip of the hat to you Drax, for sharing your hobby, stimulating discussion, and being an active part of our community.

    Cheers mate,


  18. Greetings from the continent !
    After i´m reading your post, i find an old post in german on my blog from you. Time didn´t stand still. Time runs alway. Your comend was from 2008, two years ago. It´s intressting to see, what time does: With hobby, with people, with us.
    Good Post, Admiral !!

  19. I'm glad your blog isn't some overblown, fancied-up, site. Personalized blogs like yours are the reason why I joined the blogosphere, instead of becoming a forum-junky elsewhere.

    I too, have come to realize that my blog is more of a means to track my own progress than what I originally envisioned, but I'm quite happy with that. As it stands, I now have a creative outlet for 40k that I can share with other people, even when I can't manage to get to a gaming group for weeks at a time. And that's just perfect for me.

    Keep on bloggin!

  20. Hahahha! Genius, thanks fella - that's great stuff to hear and I'd put this down as a memorable and valuable blog. You always keep things interesting and your 'off topic' rants are a special! Here's to a good friend formed over the tinterweb ... and no Rhohipnol is sight!

    I'm a busy bunny at the moment ... but blogging is the glue which holds my hobby together. It offers me a continuity which doesn't really exist otherwise and allows me to both look back and refire the enthusiasm and look forward to projects etc.

    It sets an internal 'expectation' which is the core of my hobby continuum. Too many hobbies are easy to pick up and easy to drop ... the blog helps this one stick.


  21. Well said friend.
    Thank you for the kind words.

    You need to do one thing for me though. Put this guy on a base.


  22. Thanks for more lovely comments guys, and yes Ron: you're right (of course).

    I think I need to work some magic on him, base-wise.

    I feel a Christmas break project coming along!

    (In addition - that is - to The Inner Geek's secret plans for me)

  23. Drax,your blog is a great place for IG players to have a look at, to this end I tend to point the IG guys at my FLGS over here for a look.
    I visit for the neat conversions, some of which will be liberated a little as my Skitarii progress further along and the great articles.
    and yeah I agree with Ron, the dog needs a base. :)

  24. Thanks mate.

    Plans are afoot for the dog, too.

    - D.


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