Sunday, 9 June 2013

362 ...did someone say 'Arbites on Bikes'?!

Col. Scipio has been rightfully showcasing his Enforcers, and that reminded me of something kicking around in the vaults of my collection...something I bought as a work-in-progress 8 years ago and tinkered with a little more before I moved house - here they are: my bike-mounted Adeptus Arbites:

 Untouched and unloved in five years!

And here's the rest of the Arbites stuff I have kicking around (including - in the bag - a significant array of forgotten conversion bits, like an extra 'Judge Dredd' helmet to sit on the back of the boss's bike):

At one point I bought an old-style immolator/suppressor as a ride for them too, but that got requisitioned by my long-gone Black Templars.

More from the vaults soon, I think!

- Drax.


  1. Yes, yes YES! Lovely kitbash, very impressive work sir. Can't wait to see more from the mysterious mystery vaults. And thanks for the shout.

  2. Far out, they have style! I love the old long forgotten projects. Everyone has them. waiting ... waiting...


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