Monday, 24 June 2013

364 Flames of War - Normandy Hamlet (on the cheap)

Those of you who saw my last post will be aware of my dearth of Flames of War scenery.

I was certainly very painfully aware of this, so I've started to make some:
Having spent time cursing at the price of resin buildings online, I thought 'What the hell - I only need a few blocky shapes: I can whizz them out with some plasticard.

So I did. A handful of buidings and a sturdy old Norman square-tower church (sans spire):
Then, the next evening, I realised that with just a little careful measurement I could easily make some wrap-around facias for these buildings out of cornflakes boxes, and give them sparse but sufficient detail in cardboard relief too.

So I did for one of them.
Then I bunged some fine sand on the roof and gave it a lick of paint, taking my inspiration from those around me - the damp, mossy tideline around the base of the walls is entirely deliberate. From a distance (current lack of chimney notwithstanding) it's genuinely surprisingly convincing! Even Mrs Drax was impressed. They all open:
And for the hell of it, here's the side view of our little rental cottage and a couple of other views down the hill. Yes, that's thatch in the background of the third one. Twee, huh?!
More when I get around to it - including some shots with models for scale. If it helps, the painted model is 30mm tall the top of the walls.

- D.


  1. Nice. Feeling creatively impoverished now; I'll go to the garage and look at scenery.

  2. Some really nice scenery there. Me and H recently got into the homemade scenery business and realised how much one can save; and that certainly looks at least as nice as the stuff available online for ridiculous monies. Good show.

  3. Very nice homemade effort sir! Excited to see how that church ends up.

    My Mum's home is thatched, some 600 year old farmhouse in Norfolk. Would make for a splendid piece to model a 15mm of. Hrm....


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